Sears Wants You to Know that they Aren’t Becoming a Grocery Store

Is a Sears grocery store coming to you in the near future? Apparently not. We spoke to a Sears representative to get all the details. Here’s what they said.

Last month, everyone went WTS when we, along with multiple other news sources, reported that Sears would begin to sell groceries in the near future.

According to the Canadian Press, the retailer, who has been struggling with low sales and store closures, wanted to get into the food game to lure in shoppers. It was said that the Toronto-based retailer had signed a partnership with two specialty supermarket operators to run markets at some if its revamped locations.

Naturally, curiosity got the best of us and we needed to know more details. We reached out to Sears Canada to find out the who, what and when’s, and got a surprising answer.

Apparently, Sears Canada will not, we repeat, will not be getting into the “grocery business”.

According to a Sears Canada representative, all this grocery news has been misconstrued. While the store did see some exciting changes over the course of 2016, including upgrades for select 2.0 concept stores, Sears Canada will not be getting into the grocery store game.
In actuality, Sears Canada will be reducing the overall square footage of stores, cutting back on product to provide a more curated selection. In doing this, Sears Canada has been changing select 2.0 concept stores to a one-floor plan, leaving them with “opportunity space” on other levels.
We’re told that the retailer is “investigating the idea of bringing in non-competing, complementary business partners to take over that space with a successful retail model of their own,” and that a food retailer is a natural partner.
If the plan moves forward, a grocery store inside Sears would be an entirely separate entity – owned and operated by the food retailer (much like the deal that Saks has with Pusateri’s), not Sears Canada.

So there you have it.

While Sears Canada is exploring the idea of hosting a grocery store, the groceries would not belong to Sears Canada and would simply be an opportunity to attract customers and move them between the grocer and Sears.

What are your thoughts on this Sears grocery store news?

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Featured Image: Cristina Avila