What the Sears? What the Rebranded Sears Looks Like

Amidst all of the hype surrounding luxury department stores in Canada, Sears is trying to stay relevant and appeal to the average customer.

We recently checked out the newly rebranded Sears location at CF Promenade Mall. Amidst all of the hype surrounding luxury department stores in Canada, it turns out that this struggling retailer has rebranded in an attempt to stay relevant and appeal to the average consumer. What does this mean? Well, it looks like Sears is getting playful with their advertising, sleek with their catalogues and mediocre with their store design.

new_sears_promenade_mall14 new_sears_promenade_mall17new_sears_promenade_mall12

The new Sears location at Promenade Mall is different from the luxurious and eye-catching department stores of today; there aren’t any real bells and whistles! The new Sears store is simple, spacious and a bit boring. Floors are uncarpeted and full of scratches and scrapes. The cosmetics area looks dated with backlit product displays. Shoes are sprawled all throughout the footwear department and shelving systems are on wheels and feel better fit for a garage than a retail store.  

new_sears_promenade_mall15 new_sears_promenade_mall5 new_sears_promenade_mall3 rebranded sears

While we aren’t impressed by the new store aesthetic, we can appreciate Sears’ effort to trying something different in today’s competitive retail landscape. Rather than shoot for the stars in an attempt to appeal to consumers with a bottomless wallet, Sears is targeting the average consumer with low price points and conveniences like shopping carts and iPad kiosks.  

rebranded sears new_sears_promenade_mall19 rebranded sears rebranded sears

While the revamp at this Sears location continues (the bottom floor is still under renovation), we can’t wait to watch the same rebranding roll out at the 95 remaining lacklustre Sears locations across Canada. What the Sears? We think it’s a Sears worth checking out.
rebranded sears new_sears_promenade_mall8rebranded sears

What do you think of the newly rebranded Sears?

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All images via Cristina Avila