Shop Talk with Jane the TorontoShopoholic

I always say that is one shopoholic’s guide to shopping in Toronto neighbourhood by….

Who is I always say that is one shopoholic’s guide to shopping in Toronto neighbourhood by neighbourhood. I am that shopaholic who has pounded the pavement to share where to shop in Toronto.

On a personal level, I am an early 30something mom, part time CA, website owner and blogger. I grew up 3 hrs outside of Toronto in a small town, but have been living here since I graduated University. I really love exploring the city and love all the pockets that are more like little towns within the city.

The target market for the site is anyone who loves shopping and likes to know a bit more about a store or neighbourhood before headig out there to shop. Most of my visitors are actually Torontonians and from the GTA.

When did you start 2009; 2 months after my daughter was born. I am staring down the beginning of the 3rd year of the site and I am very excited that it has lasted this long and so many people love what I have done.

Why did you start your website? The main reason was because I was sick of searching for stores or shopping areas in Toronto and finding not that much on the web. And what I did find was mostly hipster neighbourhoods south of Bloor. There is so much shopping in Toronto yet most of what gets showcased on a regular basis is either in Yorkville or West Queen West.

Also alot of these websites were either dedicated to fashion first (highlighting runway shows more than retail) or Toronto as a whole; so shopping stories came less frequently than I would have liked.

So I started and it only talks about shopping in Toronto. It doesn’t discriminate whether the neighbourhood is North East South or West, just if there is enough shopping to warrant going and checking out the area. There are neighbourhood shopping maps with detailed store listings that I try to keep up to date and there are store profiles of shops I find interesting or ones I think my audience will like.

What tips can you give to navigate There are now over 300 pages of content on so it has become more of a beast than I would have imagined when I started.

The best tip I can give you is to ask yourself if you are looking to explore a specific Toronto neighbourhood or if you are looking for a certain type of shopping? If you are looking for neighbourhoods then go to that section, otherwise go to Where can I find which lists types of shopping like Plus or baby or Furniture? You can also check out the Top 5 section if you are looking for just the highlights or the best of a particular type of shopping.

I post fairly frequently so if you are just looking for the newest content go to the What’s New section, all the new pages will be listed there first. It’s also where I post any sales or events that I know about.

If you are more into style or fashion I have some style guides in the style tips section and the accompanying blog is my personal style blog where I post about fashion and trends that I am wearing and enjoy.

If you can’t find what you are looking for you can ask me! I will try my best to help. There are a bunch of posts in the Ask toshopoholic area of questions I have already answered so it is a good place to look for answers to very specific Toronto shopping questions.