Why Shopping Online at H&M Sucks for Canadians

As one of the many disappointed online shoppers, we experienced just why shopping online at H&M sucks for Canadians. Keep reading for all of the details.

We told you back in October that H&M launched online shopping in Canada. This announcement caused a major uproar amongst Canadians eager to shop conveniently at this discount fashion mecca. 

However, H&M Canada’s online launch back-to-back with the release of the H&M x Kenzo Collection may have been a bit too advantageous for the brand. Coupled with H&M’s shoppable mobile app, limited-time free shipping and online-only discounts, H&M bit off way more than they could chew. As one of the MANY disappointed online shoppers, we experienced just why shopping online at H&M sucks for Canadians.

When H&M launched online shopping in Canada late last year, they weren’t prepared for the flood of online orders they would initially receive. Customers (like us,) were eager to shop from exclusives like the coveted H&M x Kenzo Collection and the new H&M Home line.

Upon receiving email order confirmations, many shoppers were left in the dark, waiting days and weeks for more order details. Customers who took to Twitter wanting more information were quickly responded to by the brand encouraging them to contact H&M’s customer service line. By calling the toll-free number, customers would wait on hold for up to an hour for details regarding their order (only to have the blame placed on Canada Post for incomplete shipment information).

shopping online at H&M
Image: Twitter

Many shoppers who received their first H&M Canada online orders were disappointed to find items missing, items damaged and overcharges for undiscounted items. A big let down for savvy online shoppers, we won’t be shopping online at H&M again until they get their operations in order.

How was your experience shopping online at H&M Canada? Leave a comment below.

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