Shop Spotlight – Off the Cuff

Welcome to the first installment of Store of the Week…..

Welcome to the first installment of Store of the Week, where we check out different retail gems around the city.

Gentleman get excited, because our first trip was to a beautiful menswear store called Off the Cuff. We had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to store owner Lee, who gave us the ins and outs of Off the Cuff and showed some of his favourite pieces in the store.

Trust us when we tell you that Lee’s beautifully curated store is packed with sartorial treasures. Casually looking through the racks we spotted Lanvin, Ralph Lauren Black and Purple Label, Gucci and countless more gems. WIth labels like that and a store with so much character it’s definitely worth a trip to check it out.

The casual yet creativite store appearance makes this shopping experience both aesthetically and monetarily rewarding. Off the Cuff humbly uses vintage trucks and drums to display accessories; employs the floor as a canvas for movie quotes; and garnishes the walls with pieces by local artists.

This Boglioli jacket, an unfamiliar but beautiful luxury line, is currently featured in the store window overtop a staple denim button down and topped off with a cotton Hugo Boss scarf.

At Off the Cuff, shoppers will find the highest-end accessories for a serious fraction of the price, including pocket squares by Emillio Pucci, Pal Zileri, and Ferragamo and variety of great designer watches.

The floor of the store is covered in movie quotes for a cool atmosphere.

Owner Lee Romberg makes a point of ensuring that the shopper leaves happy. Romberg has a refreshingly honest knowledge of fashion (and trust, he will be honest). He does this because he loves it, and not to make a quick sale. So whether you even know what the heck a McQueen is or not, you will leave feeling like a King.

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