Strongbow Creates Beautiful Orchard In Downtown Toronto

Tucked away in graffiti alley located in the heart of Toronto, Strongbow along with ByNature Design transformed the courtyard behind the Notable offices into a lush, urban orchard.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life living in a big city, it can be hard to take a second and appreciate the beautiful natural spaces that are found within our urban environment. That’s why Strongbow has been creating beautiful living spaces in some of the biggest cities in the world.


Tucked away in graffiti alley located in the heart of Toronto, Strongbow, in collaboration with By Nature Design, transformed the courtyard behind the Notable offices into a lush, urban orchard. Dubbed #NatureRemix, the idea is an initiative by Strongbow that brings new life into unlikely spaces, turning them into beautifully designed living spaces that make the outdoors a better place to connect and socialize.

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The StyleDemocracy team had the opportunity to preview the space and catch up with Sam Normandeau from By Nature Design to discuss the concept, by Nature’s creative input and the benefits that the concept will bring to the locals in the downtown Toronto area.

Sam Normandeau Enjoying a delicious Strongbow

In order to really understand the space, it’s important to first know what By Nature Design does. By Nature is a company based out of Vancouver that helps bring interiors to life with innovative and creative designs that rely on the use or the incorporation of plant life. Essentially, they create living furniture and home accessories. Whether it’s a moss wall or a chair planter, By Nature Design focuses on the benefits of having plant life within a space and creates pieces that can be implemented in any indoor or outdoor area.

When we arrived at the space, it was very clear that both Strongbow and By Nature put extensive thought into fusing nature and living plants with a raw urban space. “We worked closely with Strongbow to develop different ideas on how we could include plants on all the elements and all the surfaces [in the space],” Sam Normadeau tells us. “From doing living walls to moss walls to putting plants in furniture or having plants hanging like a chandelier, we looked at all the ways we could fill the space with lush vegetation.”

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“We are excited to bring the #NatureRemix project to Toronto. We’ve partnered with Strongbow to make this happen here at the Notable head offices. We are happy to invite people to come in, enjoy the space and have a Strongbow,” Sam tells us.

What’s truly great about this initiative is that it’s not just a simple marketing gimmick. The people at Strongbow and By Nature will be donating the plant life from the space to The Laneway Project – a local organization that looks at back alleys and laneways as a blank space that can be revitalized and rejuvenated with plant life and art. Strongbow will be giving back to the local Toronto community and will improve neighbourhood spaces with their donations to the Laneway Project.

Sam goes on to tell us, “The Laneway Project local initiative will help repopulate the alleyways with plants all throughout Toronto! We are donating all the plants used in the orchard… The event will live on in the laneways of Toronto”.

StrongBow_Nature_remix-21Partygoers enjoying the #NatureRemix space by Strongbow and By NatureStrongBow_Nature_remix-20Music for the evening provided by Trophy Jones
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