Suiting Tips from Nish de Gruiter from Suitsupply

Shortly after Suitsupply opened, the StyleDemocracy team had an opportunity to catch up with Nish de Grutier Vice- President at Suitsupply…

Shortly after Suitsupply opened, the StyleDemocracy team had an opportunity to catch up with Nish de Gruiter Vice – President at Suitsupply, and one of the reasons Suitsupply continues to push boundaries and make leaps in the men’s suiting industry.

The always fashionable Nish gave StyleDemocracy some serious pointers on how to step up your suit game, and how to take one suit from the office, to dinner, to a night out on the town to the weekend.

“ The thing with suiting is that if you put something good on, it shows. Your total body language changes and you feel good.. You feel five inches taller” – Nish.

Suiting for the Office

When you’re just starting out your work career, you want to look youthful but experienced at the same time. Nish suggests the Washington suit with grey stripes made of pure wool.

The suit is moderately priced at $499 CAD.  What’s great about this suit (aside from the price) is the attention to detail. Trending details include peak lapels and a ticket pocket.

“We can always spice up a suit with the right shirt. Featured here is a spread collar.”

In order to complete the business ready look, Nish suggests using a spread collar and paring it  a four-in-hand knot tie, making sure that the tie “always needs to be at the same level”. Lastly use a television fold for your pocket square. It gives the pocket square look , but doesn’t draw attention away form the wearers face.

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Suiting for an office related dinner

Taking your office look out for dinner can be over stuffy depending on the location. Nish suggest taking your office look and loosening it up. The easiest way to accomplish this is make simple adjustments.  If you look closely, the only difference between the office look and the dinner look is the removal of a tie and a simple pocket square swap.  When you’re off the clock, you can take more liberties with the folding of your pocket square.

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The Weekend Suit 

Wearing suits while completely off the clock can be a form of expression. Nish is from the school of thought that there is a suit for every occasion. He suggests two ways to create that off the clock look with men’s suiting.

Weekend look full suit

Wearing a full suit on the weekend can look  a little up tight, unless you pair it with the right off-the clock accessories. Nish suggests pairing your suit with Suit Supply’s Light Grey Body Warmer (vest) for $209 CAD. The vest immediately adds a casual element to your suit while giving you extreme warmth and an option to take your suit jacket off. For an even more fashion forward look, you can put the vest over your suit jacket.

Finally, adding a light scarf to your look really tells people you’re either off the clock, or you will be soon. However Nish suggests not to go too over the top with your scarf selection. ” Don’t go to difficult with the scarf, keep it easy. ”

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Weekend look jacket only 

Wearing a suit jacket and jeans has become the off the clock look for young business professionals everywhere. It says “Hey I’m relaxed, but I do business during the week”. Nish suggests stepping your look up with simple changes. ” Crisp, no distressing on the jeans is perfect to pair with a jacket, ours are made by Baldwin”  We agree, keeping your jeans in a simple dark wash with a slim cut are the best jeans to pair with a suit. To add casual elements to the look Nish suggests wearing their Taupe Crew neck ($109 CAD)  over your dress shirt and pairing it with a braided belt and loafers. “The belt is a little more casual, makes you look a little more casual” Nish tells us.  His last tip is an obvious one, but often overlooked. To put the final touches on an off the clock look switch out your office shoes for a casual loafer. ” It makes all the difference”

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A big thank you to the Suit Supply Team,  Nish de Gruiter and Kalynn Crump

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