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Our Team

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Michael Berg
President and Founder

Facebook / Twitter Instagram / LinkedIn / Website

Michael started StyleDemocracy in 1999 after 20 years in branded retail with the iconic department store Ira Berg. He is responsible for creating the Warehouse Sale business model in Canada, and is now leading StyleDemocracy’s push into the digital marketing world. Michael is really funny, not so tall but has a great head of hair!

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Grayson Miller
Director of Digital Business Development

Facebook / Twitter Instagram / LinkedIn / Website

As the Director of Digital for StyleDemocracy, Grayson lends his expertise to almost all facets of StyleDemocracy. Years of sharpening his teeth in the retail industry and a post-graduate degree in Digital Marketing has helped Grayson become a leader in the digital retail media space.  When Grayson isn’t working on events, social media or digital marketing strategies for StyleDemocracy, he can often be found at most of Toronto’s premier fashion events networking, blogging and taking photographs for StyleDemocracy. The words different and weird could be used to describe him, but he embraces it like a badge of honour. Thinking different and being different is what makes him tick.  In Grayson’s opinion great style is something that everyone can achieve with the right information and knowing the right places to shop.

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Amanda Phuong
Community and Editorial Manager

Facebook Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn / Website

Amanda is currently the Community and Editorial Manager for StyleDemocracy. She began her journey in the fashion industry at the tender age of 17, working retail sales and interning at a handful of fashion companies. After graduating from Humber College with a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Fashion Management, she began working full-time at StyleDemocracy and now spends her time interviewing Toronto’s innovative minds, hunting down retail stories, and exploring new and exciting brands. When she’s not glued to the screen of her laptop, you can find her in the kitchen baking up a storm, window shopping on Queen Street West, or spending time with her friends and family.

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Laina Goldstein
Digital Sales, Account Manager

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn / Website

Laina is currently the Digital Sales Account Manager at StyleDemocracy. Laina is a passionate sales and marketing professional with a BCOM degree from McGill University, and multiple fashion internships under her Gucci belt. Laina’s interests include business, technology, fashion, and anything with a creative spin. Laina spends her free time watching Survivor, dining out in Toronto, and shopping online at her favourite stores which include Intermix, Bloomingdale’s, and Saks.

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Oliver Berg
Inventory Solutions and Events Coordinator

Facebook Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn / Website

Oliver currently holds the title of Director of Inventory Solutions and Events Coordinator for StyleDemocracy. Oliver began working in the retail sale event business at a very early age, when his dad started the company back in 1999. While his birth certificate may not indicate too many years of experience, he knows the in’s and out’s of warehouse sales. When it comes to style, Oliver starts from the ground up. Oliver makes sure he dresses with simplicity in order to let his shoes do all the talking. You can be sure to see him adopting that same approach on the golf links as he is an avid golf enthusiast.

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Our Editorial Contributors

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Jun Her
The Korean Barber

Facebook / Twitter / Pintrest / Website

The Korean Barber is a street fashion blog based out of Toronto and established in 2011 by Jun Her. His photographs have appeared on The New York Times, BlogTO, What’s Fab Magazine, Street Scout Me, and Canada Street Style.

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Elaine Atkins
Toronto Beauty Reviews

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website

An everyday girl from Toronto with a love for all things beauty and skincare, Elaine Atkins launched Toronto Beauty Reviews in the fall of 2010. Her charming writing style and down-to-earth attitude has established her blog as a local favourite. Product reviews, highlights from Toronto beauty and fashion events, features on local businesses as well as a dash of personal style are what you can expect to find on Toronto Beauty Reviews. She also provides social media support and consults for brands and small businesses, helping them develop their presence in the crazy world of beauty and style!

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Natalie Ho
My Little Secrets

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website

I am Natalie and the face behind My Little Secrets – a DIY and Lifestyle Blog based in Toronto. I love fashion and DIY! I truly believe if you love something, you can make it or customize it to your personal style. My blog features a number of DIY projects that are simple and easy to tackle, most materials can be found laying around at home.

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Retail Insider

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website

Retail Insider features Canadian retail news, opinions and analysis. Founded in April 2012, Retail Insider is a Canadian go-to source for information on what’s happening in Canadian retailing. The team of writers, editors and retail analysts from across the country are collaborating on various business initiatives as we seek new opportunities. Please feel free to email us at: insider@retail-insider.com

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About Us

Learn more about StyleDemocracy.com, and what we can do for you as a consumer or brand.

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We’re always looking for passionate and all-around-awesome contributors to join our editorial team.

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