The 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Trends of 2017

If you thought last year’s trends were over the top, wait until you read up on some of these trending plastic surgery asks.
The 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Trends of 2017

Going under the knife is nothing new, but women are opting for less invasive procedures now more than ever. Getting a quick nip and tuck is readily accessible, affordable and relatively painless.

You can walk into a credible clinic or plastic surgeon’s office – or an elusive Botox party – and exit moments later looking better than Becky. We can now melt fat, plump our pouts and erase signs of aging faster than we can cook pasta.

If you thought last year’s trends were over the top, wait until you read up on some of these trending plastic surgery asks.

Contoured Jawlines

Thanks to Kylie Jenner’s irrefutable glow-up, girls and women everywhere are injecting their jaws, chins and cheeks with filler for added volume and definition. It’s easy to fake a chiseled jawline with the skillful hand of a doctor and $500 in your pocket. And while the results are instant, the injections don’t last forever – which could be a good thing. Upkeep will send you back to the office several times a year, so be prepared to spend.  

Melania Trump Makeover

Since the First Lady took office with her husband, women are now inspired to resemble her more than ever, or just ever. From her pronounced cheeks, to her cat-like eyes and contoured appearance, plastic surgeons are seeing an uptick in requests for her features. In addition to Melania, women are also walking in with Ivanka Trump’s picture in-hand, requesting everything from her dewy complexion to her ultra-refined nose.

plastic surgery trends 2017
Image: Instagram/@Flotus

Defined Cheekbones

Designer fillers are no strangers to our faces these days. People are erasing bags and effortlessly adding fullness in a flash. Exaggerated features are topping the plastic surgery charts like never before. Of course, cheekbones will always have their moment, but now more than ever, women can achieve a contoured appearance without having to layer on the bronzer. Word to the wise, less is always more.

Daring Dimples

The scarless and relatively obscure procedure known as a dimplectomy, involves a small incision inside the cheek. These adorable creases near the smile definitely help accentuate any face, and if done correctly, have the ability to add a certain “cute” factor to any appearance. Watch for this trend to skyrocket in 2018.

plastic surgery trends 2017
Image: Instagram/@mirandakerr

Fat Melting

Thanks to injectables like Kybella, double chins don’t stand a chance. With this easy and effortless injection, women can remove stubborn pockets of fat for less than the cost of a Gucci bag. This particular treatment doesn’t involve a painful laser and is designed to specifically target an overgrowth of fat cells. This injection could have the potential to work on other localized areas beyond the face as it takes off. Just keep in mind that this double-chin killer does require a commitment, so be sure to make time for 4-6 sessions, depending on the scope of work.

Do the most popular plastic surgery trends of 2017 surprise you at all? Let us know in the comment section.

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