Tips on Hosting your First Thanksgiving Dinner 

This year we’re equipping you with tips on hosting your first Thanksgiving, to help you enjoy more time with your family and less time worry about your hosting duties

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be a stressful task, but if done diligently with aggressive time-management, it can actually be really fun! This year we’re equipping you with some great tips on hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner to help you enjoy more time with your family and less time worry about your hosting duties:

Plan ahead and get your groceries before the rush

Don’t wait until that Friday evening to get your Thanksgiving groceries because chances are, so is everyone else. Not only will you have to contend with parking frenzy, but you risk the chance of having key ingredients like whipped cream (for the pumpkin pie) or stuffing mix to be sold out! Take no chances, plan ahead of the craze.


Don’t be afraid to put your Guests to Work

Okay, so maybe that might go against all hosting etiquette, so we won’t really make them do work, but if they do insist on contributing (like most good guests do) then let them. After all, if you really want Thanksgiving to be stress-free, this means one less plate you will have to prepare.


Prepare your vegetables in advance

This might sound like a weird tip, but think about it, what takes the longest when you are cooking in the kitchen? Is it not the peeling and cutting of the carrots, potatoes or heaven forbid – that butternut squash? Save yourself a lot of time by peeling and preparing the vegetables in advance; store them in a zip-lock bag and freeze them.


Set up a Kid’s Zone

This tip is only applicable if you have the space for it, but trust us – even if you don’t, try to make it happen because it’ll save you from the stress of having to worry about kids running around or messing with your perfect table setting. Set up a small table for the kids and fill it with things that will keep them busy like colouring books, puzzles or dock and iPad with only skill building games to keep them occupied.

With our tips on hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner, your weekend will be a breeze. Enjoy!

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