8 Outrageously Priced Properties in Vancouver that are Worth Every Penny

In case you win the lottery shower, consider checking out one of these swanky, yet outrageously priced properties in Vancouver – they’re worth every penny!
Image by Kiyoshi Perkins

Much has been written about the outrageous cost of housing in Vancouver and we have all seen the rundown homes with pricing that is breaking the records. But if you did win the most ultimate lottery ever in Canada, would you purchase one of those dilapidated DIY projects or would you run away from it all, and go all ‘estate’, or would you take to the sky and buy a penthouse? Let us all dream for a moment about these beautiful abodes without giving a second thought to actually living in them.

West Vancouver Wow at $16.88M


Located in the prestigious British Properties, this private hillside estate is contemporary design at its finest. This property has an ‘International Design Kitchen and a second Chinese Kitchen’ with an outdoor ‘BBQ Kitchen’. If your dream is to wander through your house cooking amazing international cuisine in kitchen after kitchen, this may be the place for you.

Image via malcolmhasman.com

Caulfield Village Cool at $7.49M


This impressive residence is 4 levels of contemporary styling with approximately 3,000 sq. ft. of decks and patio areas for the person with grilling at heart. Imagine sleeping off a patio party in this master bedroom? Even walking to the bathroom would max out your Fitbit steps!

Image via soprovich.com

Sweet ‘Heritage’ in Shaughnessy at $10.98M


This custom built masterpiece is a new home with a heritage feel that caters to those with a growing family. 6.5 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 3 car garage, a den and a custom wok kitchen, all close to downtown. If you get stuck with an empty garage because the kids have borrowed all the McClarens, transit runs up and down the tree-lined Arbutus Street every 15 minutes.

Image via sothebysrealty.ca

Point Grey Perfection at $28M


Situated on the ‘Golden Mile’ of Point Grey Road next to Point Grey Park, this house is 5,400 sq. ft. and if you have a tendency towards sea-sickness, do not look out the windows. The view is water, water, and more water. 5 bedrooms, 5 baths and Chip Wilson may pop by with a couple of micro-brews if you are nice and don’t make helicopter landing pad jokes.

Image via rew.ca


Luscious in Langley at $4.6M


Over 7,000 sq. ft. split over 3 levels with 4 of everything – bedrooms, bathrooms, dishwashers and garages. The flooring is Italian and the counter tops marble, granite and onyx. Beautifully traditional and your friendly Campbell Valley neighbours are just a stone’s throw away.

Image via mikegrahame.com

Coal Harbour Sub-Penthouse at $13.88M


This sub-penthouse has a private foyer and secured elevator, almost 1,500 sq. ft. of terraces and automated blinds, lighting and sound system. Come and go unhindered by pesky neighbours but imagine that moment when the elevator rolls open at 4am. There isn’t a Google office slide long-enough get you out of there quickly.

Image via kenleong.ca

Clovelly Walk Residence at $8.198M


This modern house is over 6,250 sq. ft., on a 25,693 sq. ft. lot carved out of the side of a mountain.  This property is so expansive that it appears that drone technology was needed just to get this amazing overhead shot. It makes us wonder, though… how would you even calculate the amount of wildlife displaced by the birth of this 2016 baby?

Image via brocksmeaton.com

Premium Penthouse at $18.68M


In 2013, this Two Harbour Green penthouse property hit the market at a whopping $19.88M, so by strategically waiting, you have already saved over $2M! This property has 360-degree views of Coal Harbour, all the mountains, Stanley Park, and shared amenities, such as pool, sauna, and virtual golf room.

Image via luxuryhomes.com


Now that we have feasted on all this real estate eye-candy, think of all calories you would burn from the effort it would take just to get from one end to the other. When meeting with the realtor, do you think it would be wise to ask the current owner to throw in a few Segways to make getting around easier?

Did we miss any phenomenal real estate in Vancouver? Share them in the comment section below.

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Featured image via Kiyoshi Perkins