The Best Websites For Selling Your Stuff

Ever consider selling your new or gently used belongings in order to make a bit of extra cash? Check out these top sites for selling your belongings!

Ever consider selling your new or gently used belongings in order to make a bit of extra cash? Well, I do it very often and I’ve picked up a few tricks in order for you to get the best value for your belongings.

Start with multiple photos showcasing different angles of the item you are looking to sell. Pair photos with a catchy (but clear,) description of the item you’re getting rid of. Set a realistic price for your item based on its condition and the retail purchase price. Once you’ve mastered these steps, simply select your favourite online classified site and post your ad! There are plenty of sites to choose from but these are my picks of the top sites for selling your belongings.


Without a doubt, Kijiji is my favourite online classified site for selling new or gently used belongings. Kijiji’s posting process is easy to follow and the steps to setting up your Kijiji account take less than a minute. Buyers can connect with you via phone or email and listings are broken down by product type and location. If you feel your ad is not getting enough traction, you can boost it for a few dollars.

Bonus: Kijiji’s mobile app is very user-friendly and allows you to post new ads and respond directly to buyer inquiries on the fly.  


When it comes to selling your new or used belongings online, Craigslist wins hands down for speed. While you don’t need to create a personal profile in order to post ads, it does help to have a profile should you need to edit your ad in the future. Be very descriptive when naming your Craigslist ad, the more keywords in your title, the better in order to appear more prominently in a buyer’s search results.

Note: This classified site attracts a wide range of users; don’t be surprised if your subtle ad to sell a couch attracts some unsolicited offers for other services.   


Carousell combines the chore of selling your unwanted belongings with the ease of communicating via social media. This mobile app is extremely user-friendly and it takes less than a minute to post an item for sale. Simply create a profile, snap a photo of the item you’re looking to sell and post it to Carousell. Amplify your ad by sharing it across your social media profiles so that your friends and followers can become potential buyers as well.

Tip: The Carousell community is still quite small, so post your belonging here in tandem with other classified sites simultaneously. Remove all listings once your item has sold.


Ever consider selling your collection of new or gently used cosmetics? There’s a place for that too. Glambot is an online consignment for high-end and limited edition makeup and skincare items. This US-based site gladly accepts products from international sellers, so long as they meet the minimum product quantity requirement. Review Glambot’s list of accepted cosmetics brands on their website, request a free shipping label, package your items up and send them off. Once they are received and reviewed by the Glambot team, you’ll receive payment via PayPal or in the form of credit to shop for more beauty items on Glambot’s site.

Did we miss any of the best websites to sell your stuff? Let us know in the comment section below.

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