Toronto Online Retailer Park & Province Launches March 26th

Our good buddies Chris Naidu and Gray Butler with their wealth of experience in the retail industry are set on March 26th Noon EST to launch.
Park & Province-

If you glue yourself to fashion Instagram accounts like we do, you may have stumbled across some sneak peek looks at Park & Province the newest Toronto- based online retailer for men.

With their wealth of experience in the retail industry, our good buddies, Chris Naidu and Gray Butler, are set on March 26th Noon EST to launch one of the most intriguing online shops we’ve seen to date. The duo together- Chris a Vancouver born photographer with an eye for detail and design and Gray a born and bred Torontonian with immense menswear experience- have come together to create something truly special.

Working retail at some of Toronto’s most notable shops led both Chris and Gray to the conclusion that the menswear market is extremely cluttered and it’s the quality of garments that help make a brand standout.  Working in retail and understanding what quality garments are, have allowed the duo to see the retail business on both sides. They worked in the shops and listened to their customers determining that service is just as important as the product. Chris and Gray are on a mission to ensure that not only are the goods sold in Park & Province are top-notch, but that the whole customer experience is thorough and as seamless as possible.

“With the growing trend of online shops, we felt like there was still a need, especially for Canadians, to find a shop like ours. Park & Province is dedicated to a much more practical and focused approach. We want everything that we carry to serve its purpose, and to make sure that everyone knows what that is. We look forward to growing with our community and sharing the things that we value.” – Chris & Gray

Look out for an exclusive interview shortly!