A Peek Inside Canada’s Largest Vintage Event

Last weekend, we took a tour of the largest vintage event in Canada. Check out our favourite vendors from the Toronto Vintage show!

The StyleDemocracy team visited the Toronto Vintage Show last weekend and it was spectacular! What used to be “The Old Clothing Show” has evolved to become the Toronto Vintage Show where tens of vendors sell one of a kind vintage merchandise! We spent hours there – tons to look at, tons to try on and tons to buy for everyone from accessories and clothing to home decor and collectors items.

We visited 6 specific vendors outlined below, and then walked the rest of the show and captured some of our favourite items from all around. Before I even got to check out anything I had the pleasure of meeting Jacquie Jeffery from Toronto Vintage Society – check her out in this gorgeous 50s dress. 


1. Luxe Touch

Since I have my own obsession with Chanel, this was by far one of my favourite stops. Not only did they have bags, they also had one-of-a-kind, impossible to find items like hats, belts, a fur lined purse and even a Chanel water heating pad cover!

toronto vintage toronto vintage toronto vintage chanel thumb_IMG_3715_1024

2. Ian Drummond Collection

This was my next stop and this booth was full of character, pun intended. The vendor focuses on “vintage clothing, footwear, jewelry, and accessories for film, television, and theatre rental for industry professionals,” but at this event, the merch was available to all shoppers! My favourite element here was all of the dead stock. Incredible pieces from the past that were never sold and were purchased by Ian Drummond, now for sale (see polka dot rack).

thumb_IMG_3689_1024 thumb_IMG_3697_1024 thumb_IMG_3694_1024 toronto vintage ian drummond toronto vintage ian drummond

3. Dear Hazel May

This booth was another one of my favourites. They focused on beautiful one-of-a-kind dresses and jewelry, specifically from the 50s and 60s. They also have an incredible online store with some amazing FAQ about vintage fashion – check it out here.

thumb_IMG_3675_1024Toronto vintagetoronto vintage toronto vintage

4. retrouver.biz

This was one of the most interesting and special vendors I toured.  They are prosocial collectors who donate a percentage of sales to a local children and women’s shelter. They also ship internationally!

toronto vintage toronto vintage toronto vintage toronto vintagetoronto vintage toronto vintage

5. Primetime

If you missed the Toronto Vintage Show, do not worry! You can visit Primetime at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show this April! This was one of the best in terms of unique accessories with very special glasses and hats.

toronto vintagetoronto vintage toronto vintage toronto vintage

6. Donna Beasley

Last, we had the chance to check out the Donna Beasley booth that specializes in designer purses and coats, more specifically fur coats. By far the best at the show in terms of leather and fur, two of my most favourite things. I could have bought every single item!

donna beasley donna beasley toronto vintage donna beasley toronto vintage donna beasley toronto vintage donna beasley

Check out a few more photos of the best & most unique items we saw for sale at the Toronto Vintage Show:

toronto vintage toronto vintage clothing show toronto vintage antique show toronto vintage antique show toronto vintage clothing antique show toronto antiques toronto vintage antiques toronto antiques show toronto antiques toronto antiques toronto antiques

Hope to see you all at the Toronto Vintage Show next year – it’s an event that can’t be missed!

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