We Tried 4 Different Kinds of KRAVE Jerky, Here’s What we Thought

Recently, KRAVE Jerky caught my eye. I spotted it in my local grocer and had to give it a try. There are 4 varieties of jerky in total…

Catch me on a road trip and you’ll be sure to find a stash of jerky in my bag. In all honesty, whenever I’m in a car I try to convince my companions to split a pack of the savoury snack. While my tastebuds may not be aligned with everyones, I’m not opposed to any flavours, whether it be original, teriyaki, barbecue, or a turkey, pork or beef. A good cured meat has me weak in the knees

Recently, KRAVE Jerky caught my eye. I spotted it in my local grocer and had to give it a try. In total, the brand has 4 different jerky varieties: black cherry barbecue, chilli lime, sweet chipotle beef and grilled sweet teriyaki pork. I decided to try them all.

Overall, I was quite impressed. The jerky was tender and chewy. One of my colleagues who isn’t a jerky fan at all, even agreed KRAVE jerky is a tasty treat. You’ll find it in stores for about $9 dollars a bag, which is a bit more than competitors but worth the extra spend.


My favourite flavour by far was the black cherry barbecue, which was a perfect blend of sweet and smokey.


The grilled teriyaki pork was my choice for second best, though a bit too sweet to gobble up in one sitting.


My least favourites were the chilli lime and sweet chipotle, though mostly because I’m a wuss with no penchant for spice. That being said, I’d never turn these flavours down, they’re just not my first choice.

I’d suggest KRAVE Jerky to anyone who’s jerky obsessed, looking for new road trip munchies or a high-protein, low calorie snack.

Have you tried KRAVE Jerky? What flavour should we try next? Let us know in the comment section below.

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