Vitaly X Sully Wong Collaboration

Two of Toronto’s hottest fashion/ merchandise design companies have come together to bring the world one of the most highly anticipated collaborations of 2015.

A collaborative effort that has quietly been in the works for the past year is finally getting a full reveal. Two of Toronto’s hottest fashion/accessories design companies have come together to bring the world one of the most highly anticipated collaborations of 2015.  Our good friends at Sully Wong and Vitaly have been hard at work crafting two of the coolest products we’ve seen all year and we’re sure the Vitaly X Sully Wong collaboration will propel these two great Toronto brands to even higher heights.

The Vitaly X Sully Wong capsule collaboration fuses together Sully Wong’s luxurious, sport-street aesthetic with the edgy, all-encompassing vibe of Vitaly to bring fans of both brands a ridiculously slick hi-top sneaker and a functionally bad-ass knapsack.

“As long time fans of home town heroes Sully Wong, we were honoured to collaborate with them. It was one of the easiest, most laid back and fun processes we’ve ever been a part of – super stoked to show the world what we came up with! ” – Shane Foran (Co-founder of Vitaly)

The Vitaly by Sully Wong Limited Edition SWJ Hi-Top Sneaker is a beautiful incorporation of both brand’s design philosophies. The SWJ Hi-Top is Sully Wong’s most recognizable silhouette, but has been completely revamped by Vitaly, giving it that unique biker/streetwear/design feel – A blending of aesthetics that Vitaly has mastered, and part of the reason why the brand is demographically – widely appreciated.

As George Sully co-founder of Sully Wong puts it “Henry [Sully Wong co-founder] and I couldn’t have collaborated with a better group of guys on this project. It’s not by accident that Vitaly is leading the Accessories market, we’re just glad we could help contribute to their ever growing success!”

The Ostrich Leather and Black Wax Coat Canvas Bag is a play on Sully Wong’s A.B.E (All Black Everything) bag, but yet again sees a beautiful infusion of Vitaly. The heavy duty bag features pops of faux Ostrich leather on the top enclosure and the bottom of the bag, with ostrich detailing surrounding zippers and pockets. It also features the embossed rubber Vitaly X Sully Wong patch, which can also be found on the tongue of the Hi-top. Lastly, the body of the bag has a wax canvas coat – simultaneously giving it a beautiful leather-esque sheen, and making it super heavy-duty durable.

The collection can be shopped through Vitaly via their online shop.  If you want to get your hands on the collaboration, don’t sleep on it we expect it to be extremely popular!

You can purchase the Vitaly X Sully Wong Shoes (Retail $230) By clicking the shoe image below: 



You can purchase the Limited Edition Vitaly X Sully Wong All Black Everything Back Pack (A.B.E Retail $180) By clicking the shoe image below: