6 Ways To Properly Sanitize Your Beauty Products

6 Ways To Properly Sanitize Your Beauty Products

Even before the threat of COVID-19, properly sanitizing beauty products and cleaning your makeup brushes was a priority — at least it should have been. Of course some of us are guilty of not washing our brushes as often as we should have, but nowadays when we wear masks just to go outside for a stroll, anything that comes in contact with our faces needs to be clean, including our hands and beauty tools.

Here are 6 ways to properly sanitize your beauty products.

Spray Your Powder Products

sanitize beauty products

According to the CDC, solutions with a minimum of 70% alcohol serve as effective disinfectants, so the easiest way to sanitize your makeup products is to fill a spray bottle with a solution of nine parts undiluted alcohol mixed with one part distilled water. You can use it for sanitizing surfaces but also any powdered beauty products like eyeshadows, pressed powders, blushes, etc.

Don’t Forget Your Makeup Bags

sanitize beauty products

If you recently came back from abroad, don’t skip sanitizing your makeup bags. You can deep clean it in the washing machine or with simple soap and water.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

sanitize beauty products

This is something we should be doing on the regular anyway, but let’s be real, the task often falls off our radar. Since anyone who isn’t a frontline or non-essential worker is at home these days, why not spend a half hour deep cleaning your makeup brushes? There are special products available that you can buy, but baby shampoo or even antibacterial dish soap tend to work well.

Sanitize Your Station

sanitize beauty products

If all your makeup is in a cupboard or you sit at your vanity to do your face, make sure you wipe down all surfaces that you often touch with a disinfecting wipe. It may seem like overkill but it pays to ensure that your space is extra safe. Don’t forget to regularly wipe down your products, like foundation and perfume bottles, as those can hang onto germs as well.

Pay Attention To Expiration Dates

sanitize beauty products

We all have makeup in our kits that’s been there since high school. Maybe it’s a lip gloss, eyeliner, or gasp — even mascara. Whatever the product is, get rid of it now. Certain makeup products have longer shelf lives than others but anything that has a weird consistency or smells funky needs to be tossed. Mascara should be replaced after three months, while lipstick will be good for up to two years.

Don’t Use Your Fingers

sanitize beauty products

Even if your hands are medical-grade clean, dipping your digits in any product can cause germs and bacteria to spread like crazy. Now is the perfect time to hone your makeup skills and use those pro brushes you have stashed away somewhere. Plus the oils in your fingers can cause the product to change and separate, and who wants that?

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