We Visited the Nutella Cafe in Toronto… Here’s What we Thought:

People are going nuts over the Nutella Cafe in Toronto – the cafe is the first in all of Canada. We wanted to see if the hype was real, so we decided to check it out for ourselves…

Earlier this month, we announced the arrival of Canada’s very first Nutella Cafe. The cafe is located inside the Spadina Sobeys Urban Fresh store in Toronto and stocks an assortment of pastries, made-to-order crêpes and hot beverages. People across Canada went absolutely nuts when the opening was announced. We wanted to see if the hype was real, so we decided to check it out first hand.

nutella cafe in toronto

The StyleDemocracy team and I dropped by the cafe around 9 am on a weekday. At this point, the cafe had already been open for 2 hours and there was a short lineup. The cafe is much smaller than I had imagined, with only 4 tables available for seating. Coffee, espresso, hot chocolate and tea are only a dollar, pastries range between $1.49 and $3.99, and crêpes range between $4.99 and $6.99.

nutella cafe in toronto

When we arrived, they had run out of strawberries for the crêpes… Pretty ironic considering the cafe is inside a grocery store with dozens of strawberries on hand. We decided to skip the crêpes (which looked delicious) and try the pastries instead. We grabbed an all butter danish with Nutella, Zeppole with Nutella, an all butter croissant with Nutella and an Arragosta with Nutella.

nutella cafe toronto review

The verdict:

Each member of our team tried the pastries and almost everyone had the same answer – the Nutella was undeniably delicious but the pastries were just… meh. Perhaps it was because we came a few hours after opening but all of the pastries we purchased seemed a little stale. The Zeppole (a donut like pastry with filled and topped with Nutella,) had almost too much Nutella (yes, it is possible), while the Arrogosta (a staff recommendation) was crunchy on the outside and mushy on the inside. The danish was by far the best pastry we tried and the croissant, a plain croissant sliced in half with Nutella spread inside, just seemed like something that could easily be made at home. Overall, if you’re Nutella-obsessed and in the ‘hood, check it out, but we don’t suggest going out of your way to visit the cafe. The pastries definitely look better than they taste. Hopefully the crêpes are better!

Have you been to the Nutella Cafe in Toronto yet? Did you like it? Share your thoughts with us below.

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