The WedLuxe Wedding Show: Is it Worth the $75 Ticket?

We checked out the WedLuxe Wedding Show in Toronto to see if it was worth the hype. The event features over 100 of the city’s best wedding professionals…
The WedLuxe Wedding Show: Is it Worth the $75 Ticket?

As someone who’s soon-to-be married, there are flurries of options when it comes to wedding planning, and they can be… well, overwhelming, to say the least. And with my wedding just under a year a year away, I’ve been feeling the pressure to get sh*t done. Enter the Wedluxe Wedding Show, an annual event that brings together over 100 of Toronto’s most talented wedding professionals. Everyone from photographers and DJs to caterers, florists, and beauty bars attend, making it a one-stop wedding shop.

Each year, the show has a theme and this year’s theme was, World of Wanderlust. At check-in, all attendees received a “passport” which was to be stamped at 6 main stations that the event was based around. As an up-and-coming bride, my favourite stations were the Crown and Paper Gift Bar, the Mirage Lounge and Spa, and the Winter Palace Menagerie Bar.

Wedluxe wedding show
Just one of the WedLuxe exhibitors: Petals & Pearls (Image: Instagram/@PetalsandPearls)

After check-in, The Gift Bar was the first room station we stopped at. Here, we had the opportunity to choose from, and receive, items from beauty products to luxury face masks, and of course, the latest edition of WedLuxe magazine.

In the Mirage Lounge and Spa, we tasted a refreshing signature drink from Oliver & Bonacini and we each had a 10-minute hand massage from Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

Last but not least, we absolutely loved the 360-degree art installation which surrounded a bar. We tasted bubbly prosecco samples by Ruffino (Constellation Brands). It was delicious and a great gift in my opinion.

wedluxe wedding show
The Brunch Bar by Oliver & Bonacini (Image: Instagram/@dancefloordecor)

So is the WedLuxe Wedding Show worth the $75 ticket?


  • Value: You get what you paid for. At the $75 price point you left having had champagne, a hand massage, candy floss, full brunch, and a goodie bag to bring home
  • Professionalism: of all the wedding events we have attended, this one is most organized and very well staffed – nothing ran out and there were ample amounts of all samples
  • Versatility: vendors included everything from invitations, catering, desserts, bridal gowns and tuxedos, photography, videography, flowers, and décor
  • Location: right in the middle of the GTA – Yonge and College. This location was easy to take transit to and easy for drivers to park in nearby lots



  • Lines: like most one-day events, there were long (ish) lines – The spa was unavailable to those who did not make an appointment hours before and so many missed out on the experience
  • Price: despite the amazing value, it still is hard to fork up $75 per person for a daytime event. That’s $150 for you and a friend, a bit steep in our opinion.
  • Too much food: impossible to maintain your new year’s resolutions at this event

Overall, I thought the event was an amazing way to spend a few hours with family on a cold Sunday in January. I definitely look forward to going back next year when I will hopefully be the Maid of Honour for a newly engaged sister, and I’ll also be a newlywed myself! I’d definitely suggest the event for those looking to get married – it’s a great and helpful way to kick-start your planning.

Have you been to a WedLuxe Wedding Show? Would you suggest it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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