We’re in Love with the New Peace Collective “Home is Canada” Capsule Collection

Our friends from Peace Collective have just unveiled a new series of products dubbed “Home is Canada”.

Our friends from Peace Collective have just unveiled a new capsule collection dubbed “Home is Canada”. The Toronto-based brand is capitalizing on their popular “Home is Toronto” series and taking it Canada-wide. Starting tomorrow (October1st,2015) the new capsule collection will be available and sold to support a mission to feed school children healthy meals across Canada.  For every garment sold, Peace Collective helps feed a child school meals for a week with Breakfast For Learning. The new series follows the original pretty closely but features new slogans such as “Home is Canada” and “Canadian ‘as F*ck”.  We’re always excited to see what comes out of the Peace Collective shop as the brand has had huge success making cool clothing and helping people at the same time.Their goal is simple, they want to continue to shape Canadian pride and continue its motivation to help others along the way.

Cheers to Peace Collective! Take a look at the new collection below and Head over to Peace Collective tomorrow to get some new gear and help people at the same time.

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