We’re Loving the new Alcatel IDOL 4

Grayson has been using the new Alcatel idol 4 for a month now, and finally decided it was time to review this awesome product.

I’ve been using the new Alcatel idol 4 for a month now, and finally decided it was time to review this awesome product.


Last year we had the opportunity to work with Alcatel for the launch of the Idol 3 so we were happy to see the major improvements  Alcatel made to its new model the Idol 4. As one of the least expensive phones you can buy without a contract, Alcatel has made major leaps and bounds with their newest phone.  

As I began to fully put the IDOL 4 through its paces I notice right off the bat that as the newest version of Alcatel’s IDOL family this phone is way better than previous editions. Not only does it look better, it feels like a premium phone when you hold it. With a glass body and metal frame, to the untrained eye, the IDOL could easily pass as a comparable Samsung or LG phone.


In the StyleDemocracy offices, we did a blind feel test between Alcatel’s IDOL 4 and LG’s G5, and 3 out of the 5 people tested in our offices believed that the Alcatel IDOL 4 was the premium phone.

The IDOL 4 will be available in Canada as of September 30 for as low as $0 on a 2-year plan or for $299.99 with a no term contract, making it one of the most affordable phones on the market. The phone features an all glass body and feel metal frame and features an elegant look and feel while maintaining the same lightweight design as previous IDOL models.  The difference between the new model and the previous phone is that everything has been improved. The new screen is a brilliant 5.2-inch Full-HD display that showcases vivid colors.  The IDOL 4 features best-in-class audio experience with dual 3.6-watt speakers featuring Waves Audio technology.

alcatel-phone-3 alcatel-phone-2

Lastly,  the IDOL 4  comes loaded with a new innovation found only on IDOL 4 – the Boom Key experience. The Boom Key enables and simplifies tasks like taking instant photos, going from pocket to picture in just seconds, long pressing for burst shot photos, boosting the loudness and bass of the speakers while listening to music, enhancing voice clarity and loudness and even instantly live stream while recording a video. The Boom Key can also be assigned to quickly open other applications on the device.