Worst Purchase Ever: Woman Buys Zara Dress with Rodent Sewn Inside

We’ve made bad purchases before but nothing as bad as this. A woman is suing the fast-fashion retailer after purchasing a Zara dress with a rat sewn inside.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve made some questionable purchases at Zara. But after my months-old fast fashion purchase makes its way into a donation bin, all I’m left with is a little buyer’s remorse. One woman, however, wasn’t so lucky.

Cailey Fiesel is suing Zara over a dress she bought. The reason? IT HAD A RAT INSIDE OF IT.

According to TMZ, Fiesel purchased the dress at Zara’s Greenwich, Connecticut location back in July. A few weeks later, Fiesel wore the dress to work, where she noticed a “disturbingly pungent odor”. Later on in the day, she noticed rubbing from what she assumed was a loose string against her leg. When she reached down, she noticed there was an unusual bulge in the dress, which turned out to be a leg of a dead rodent.

Image: TMZ.com
Image: TMZ.com

Not only was she allegedly wearing a dead rodent’s limb around for that day but she claims to have developed a large rash on her leg, which doctors diagnosed as a rodent-born disease. I think I’m going to be sick.

A spokesperson for Zara told TMZ, “Zara USA is aware of the suit, and we are investigating the matter further. Zara USA has stringent health and safety standards, and we are committed to ensuring that all of our products meet these rigorous requirements.”

New Zara shopping rule: Pat before you purchase.

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