Zara Is Selling Kanye West – Yeezy Season lookalike Clothing for A Fraction of the Price

Companies like Zara and H&M have become masters of taking runway design ideas and diffusing them quickly and at a low cost to the fast-fashion masses. Zara has always been successful at blurring the lines of copyright infringement and routinely makes clothing that looks remarkably like runway designs.

As you know, Kanye West has released an incredibly popular (depending on who you talk to) upscale sportswear clothing line with the support of Adidas dubbed Yeezy Season.  Although the line received mixed reviews, among Kanye West fans and streetwear junkies, Yeezy Season clothing is ultra desirable and has spawned countless lookalike brands and a new sportswear grunge look.

It seems as if Zara has acknowledged Yeezy Season in the only way it knows how – by essentially copying the designs and selling it at a fraction of the price. The new collection from Zara is called the Streetwise Collection and features clothing that closely embodies Kanye West’s design philosophy – Earthy toned, oversized sportswear with frayed detailing.

If you ever wanted Yeezy Season clothing, but couldn’t’ bear to drop thousands of dollars on clothing that already looks like a homeless person may have worn it, Zara has got you covered.

Take a look at the collection below and let us know what you think!

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