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Enter Zomato, Toronto’s newest and most comprehensive food app available for iOS and Android devices.

So it’s friday afternoon, and you’re looking for a great place to go out with your friends and grab some grub. You open your folder marked “Food” on your phone and realize you have 6 different food apps, and 4 different location apps.

With the endless array of food related apps and websites, sometimes finding the best restaurant starts with using the best app.

Luckily for you, we have discovered an app that will change your life. Enter Zomato, Toronto’s newest and most comprehensive food app available for iOS  and Android devices. We tracked down Jeremy Potvin Country Manager of Zomato to get the scoop on the app that will change how you dine in the city.

If you’ve never heard of Zomato that’s okay. It’s because the app has primarily been killing it over seas ( London, Dubai, India… Just to name a few) and has just been made available in Toronto as of October 21st 2014.  

Zomato provides the most detailed information covering on over 11,000 restaurants in the GTA making it the most exhaustive social restaurant discovery service in the country.

 “Have you yourself ever used an app, got to the location and it wasn’t exactly as you’d search for it?” Jeremy asks us.  “Maybe you read about an interesting menu item that isn’t there anymore? Or they actually aren’t open on Mondays anymore, or maybe they haven’t served brunch in 3 months. Or worst case scenario the restaurant is closed entirely!  All of this is because it’s really hard to keep content and data up to date. That’s how Zomato differs. We have an unbelievable team, we execute like no one else and this entire company is built on our data. We do not use user generated content. We go out and get the data ourselves. We literally hit the ground and walked into 11,000 restaurants in the GTA and we will revisit every restaurant every 90 days from now to the end of time.”

 It’s not just the fact that you can search for restaurants that makes this app game changing. It’s the additional content that Zomato curates and publishes that makes the app one of the most comprehensive tools out there.

“Our content includes the restaurants’ menu, ambiance photos, hours of operations,  and payment methods accepted.” Jeremy states.  “All that basic content we get and we maintain. Additionally, we have a platform that allows our users to upload pictures check-in, write reviews and share it with their friends on their social networks.”

Furthermore, the layout of the content and the ease at which you can connect to your social outlets is great. When you launch into the app you’ll see a traditional search bar, but Zomato has also curated a bunch of food collections, so you can see everything from trending this week to pop-ups, to kick ass burgers. It’s all there.

“The product is really easy to use. It’s really easy to connect with your social graph. Not only are you going to get great results if your searching for a restaurant, you are going to get to know if your friends have been there before and what they think of this restaurant… Or you can read what our local foodies think about the restaurant. This is what Zamato is all about. Giving you very relevant localized search results.”

While we could go on ourselves about the benefits of Zomato, Jeremy really does say it best.

“People in Toronto using the app for the first time are going to be able to find every single dining and bar option around them. We have all the data on all restaurants. Users are going to get to see what their friends like and what they don’t like. Out of all the things people use currently… there are several website out there, or maybe they might post on Facebook.  ‘Where should I have dinner friday night?’ 30 people might comment, and what does that person do? they look through all the comments and look for the two people they think have the best information. This all happens across Zomato. You have your whole social network, you have every single restaurant location, with every single correct piece of information you want to know, and it’s all delivered geo-located to where you are. “

“We are going to be able to put you into the best restaurant experience.  You want to have a great Friday night? you can figure it out on Zomato. Make Zomato part of your life. Everyone has approximately 140 or so apps on their phone, but they usually use three every day.  Those three are the ones that change your life. Even if it’s a tiny way. Standing on a corner waiting for the lights the change, what do you do? You look at Instagram for 4 seconds it just made your day that much better. You want to write something down, you use Qwip or Evernote, you need to connect with your friends you use Facebook. We are going to be your source for food. You want a great night out, or a great place for lunch? Zomato will be that one app.”

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