Looking to save a few extra dollars on your next trip to the grocery store? Sometimes it just takes a bit of tech to make your shopping that much more efficient and affordable. We’ve done our research and put our money saving skills to the test to uncover the best apps for the grocery store.


Before you even enter the grocery store, your best bet for saving some cash and not overspending is to start with a list. We love Evernote because it’s a simple and efficient note taking and list making app. Organize notes into separate notebooks according to grocery store, department or season. Evernote comes especially in handy if you’re sharing your shopping list with a spouse or roommate. Share your grocery list and never waste money on purchasing the same item twice again with the Evernote app.   


If you’re not already using Flipp, we suggest you start right now! The Flipp app is incredible for compiling all of the weekly flyers from your local grocery stores, department stores and pharmacies. Digital flyers are easy to flip through and circle in order to add items to your shopping list. Flipp takes care of the confusion of coupon clipping by pairing up the items on your shopping list with available coupons. For extra savings, show your Flipp app at the checkout to take advantage of price comparisons on the spot (at participating retailers,) without the fuss of carrying around messy paper flyers.

PC Plus

If you’re a frequent President’s Choice customer, the PC Plus program is a points system that you should already be taking advantage of. We love PC Plus because it’s the smart rewards program that takes note of your shopping habits and sends you personalized offers to earn bonus PC points on the items you love the most. Use the PC Plus app to store your card, manage offers, track previous purchases and to redeem your PC points for money off of your next grocery bill.  


Looking to earn money for the products you buy at the grocery store? Every Thursday, the Checkout51 app updates with a new list of cash back offers on your favourite items (offers range from $0.50 – $1.50 per item). All you have to do is select the offers you like, purchase them at any grocery store and upload a photo of your receipt using the Checkout51 app. When your account reaches $20.00, Checkout51 sends you a cheque in the mail. It’s as simple as that!


Have a collection of gift cards collecting dust on your beside table? Our new favourite wallet app is UGO! The UGO app allows you to photograph and store digital versions of all of your loyalty cards, gift cards, membership cards, receipts and even credit cards so that they are in the palm of your hand right when you need them. Never miss out on the opportunity to redeem a gift card at the checkout again!

Did we miss any of the best grocery store apps? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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