New Balance has announced a new silhouette that pays historical homage to previous models but does so in a new and exciting twist.  The brand new MADE 1978 shoe draws inspiration from the classic 990 model that launched in 1978 and now encompasses a beautiful new lifestyle sneaker. The MADE 1978 shoe was handcrafted in the U.S. and is crafted only out of the best materials and textiles.

We are absolutely loving this shoe and the sleek sneaker is outfitted with a suede leather upper paired with perforated details on the toe and the N logo on the tongue of the shoe.  To make the shoe stand-out even more, the collar of the shoe is finished with deconstructed leather.   The newest addition, and easily the most attractive addition to the shoe is the stark white Vibram sole included for durability and comfort.

The shoe is expected to roll out mid-march and we expect this to be another hit with New Balance fans and sneaker heads alike.

Check out some of the top New Balance MADE 1978 pics from Instagram.



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