Top 10 Artists To Book For Your Next Event in Toronto

Playbook Hub is a singular platform that connects you to musicians, performers and other artists and allows you to book them for your event or gig in one simple place.  

As one of the premier event marketers in Toronto, we know what makes an event stand out above the rest. While the venue, what’s on offer and obviously the guest list are the key elements to a successful event, one thing that often sets your event apart from the rest is talented entertainment.

If entertainment isn’t the focal point of your event – say you’re throwing a party or maybe even a wedding – it’s often hard to find just the right person to make your event special. Do you get a recommendation from a friend? Do you search online? It can be very confusing and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, very frustrating.

This is where Playbook Hub comes into play – Playbook Hub is a singular platform that connects you to musicians, performers and other artists and allows you to book them for your event or gig in one simple place.  Playbook Hub was designed and built from the ground up to make booking an artist for a performance or project as simple and intuitive as possible.

What makes this platform even better is that it’s encompassing for both people looking to hire an artist and for artists to register and receive bookings as well.  It’s free to join and artists and creatives of all categories can register.

In partnership with Playbook Hub we wanted to showcase some of the most interesting artists you can hire right now on the site.

Lifetime artist and digital illustrator, Sabina uses her whimsical drawing style to bring life into any event or activation. She focuses on live sketching, custom illustration and editorial illustration.

Stephanie is another one of the fine illustrators you can find on Playbook Hub. She focuses on creating beautiful watercolour inspired illustrations that bring a level of sophistication to any event.


Talk about making a statement, Hala on Stilts truly does rise above the competition. Focusing on circus-style stilt walking Hala on Stilts brings a unique and jaw-dropping show to a variety of events.


With over 8 years experience, S I L I K A will dazzle and contort herself into an amazing display of athleticism at your next event. Focusing on hand balancing and alternative modelling, S I L I K A is a marvel to be seen.


If your event needs music, Conor Cutz has you covered. The open format DJ has superior skills to bring the right flavour to any style event. Music is often the pulse of any great event and having a world-class DJ at your fingertips is a dream.


Events make memories. Why not hire a professional shooter at your next event? Capturing life moments and people in their element is what makes Hector Vasquez a premier choice for event photography.

When your event needs more flavour look no further than Scarlett Bobo. As one of Canada’s top female impersonators Scarlett Bobo has mastered the arts of drag performance. She’s known for impersonating P!NK and always warms the hearts of any audience luckily enough to see her perform.



Ever thought of being your own showcase at an event? If the spotlight is something you desire and dance is the vehicle, the Nicole Rosove has you covered. A premier dancer herself Nicole has the added benefit of being a choreographer. Her instruction can help you dance the night away or be the centre of attention as you dazzle the crowd with your Nicole inspired dance moves.

Sometimes events need to be wild. They need that energy and they need DJ Tilt. Focusing on club-style DJing, DJ Tilt brings the turn up to any event.


Throwing a mid-east themed party? Then it calls for belly dancers. Mesmerize your crowd with the belly dancing stylings of Gabriela Carnovale

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