Essentials You Need For The Perfect Beach Day Trip This Summer

Essentials You Need For The Perfect Beach Day Trip This Summer

With summer officially here to stay, you may be wanting to plan some trips around the city to soak up the sun. What better way to do so than to head on over to the beach?

Toronto has a handful of beaches as well as some a couple of hours away, like Sugar Beach, Bluffers Beach, and Sandbanks Dune Beach, to explore. There are truly stunning spots to visit and even plan an entire day trip to experience the beauty. Not only can you get in that desired relaxation, but some of the areas actually have hiking trails and activities to take part in so you can enjoy the outdoors however you please. We’ve rounded up our fave beaches, click here for more!

For a beach day, we love to keep it as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible, starting from the vehicle we drive. We’ve been loving the new Volvo C40 Recharge. It’s Volvo’s very first pure electric crossover, which allows you to take it from 10% to 80% charged in around 33 minutes. You can also use the Google Maps in the vehicle to find charging stations along the way, so on even your longer trips, you don’t have to worry about anything. Plus, it’s fully leather-free!

Now that we have the transpiration nailed down for our essentials beach trip, let us tell you some of our fave items that we always pack.

Starting off with one that everyone will love—introducing Maddle. Maddle is an inflatable paddleboard brand that comes in a bunch of different colourways and designs. The best part about the boards is that not only are they easily inflatable but once you’re ready to pack up from the beach and go home, all you have to do is push the notch at the end of the board and it’ll fully deflate. Then roll it up and place it back in its carrier bag. You can quite literally take your new Maddle paddleboard everywhere!

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Another essential for the beach that we can’t forget is a durable beach bag. You most definitely need something to safely store your phone, towels, sunscreen, money, books, or even food! Currently, we’ve been obsessed with the MEC Muskoka Dry Tote. It has a wide opening so you can easily see everything as well as webbing straps to comfortably carry when you’re walking to the water. Plus, it has RF-welded seams to prevent leaks, which means it works to keep wet stuff in—like a wetsuit, so it doesn’t get all over your vehicle at the end of the day; as well as keeping the wet stuff out to ensure your belongings stay waterproof inside.

Our final essential for a beach trip would have to be a beach chair. You can find a handful online under “backpack chairs” or even a “foldable beach chair“, basically any that are easy to transport back and forth.

With there being so many items that you can take for a beach road trip, let us know on Instagram which your top items are for the summer!

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