9 Aritzia Secrets To Know The Next Time You Shop


Aritzia is truly one of Canada’s fashion success stories. Founded in Vancouver, you can find Aritzia in almost all of your favourite malls and even across the border. Its in-house labels have huge followings on their own, and it’s likely you’ve shopped the womenswear retailer at least once in your lifetime.

But with that being said, like every brand and retailer, there are some shopping secrets that not everyone is aware of. From little-known layaway policies to online shopping tips, here are nine Aritzia secrets to know the next time you shop.

1. Get friendly with the sales associates.


If you’re a regular shopper at Aritzia, it pays to get friendly with your favourite sales associate. Not only will they help you shop in-store, but they’ll also keep their eyes peeled when you’re not there and let you know when new pieces they think you’ll love hit the shelves.

2. Book a personal stylist appointment.


With over 10 in-house brands and a bevy of others, shopping at Aritzia can be overwhelming. While the sales associates are always willing to help, why not book a personal stylist appointment? You’ll get help finding the perfect pieces — either with your favourite sales associate or another expert — and the sole focus will be on you. Plus, the service is completely free! Just make sure to call ahead to your preferred store for an appointment.

3. See something you like, but can’t afford it till your next paycheque? Don’t fret!


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It happens to the best of us! Luckily, Aritzia has a layaway program that not many know about. For regular priced merchandise, all you have to do is put a 20% payment down in order to hold the item for 30 days. Within those 30 days, you can stop in to make payments whenever’s convenient for you, or make one large payment when you’re ready to buy. For sale items, the down payment is 50% off, and you have the same 30 days to complete the purchase. It’s the perfect program for big ticket items like leather jackets, parkas, and more.

4. Take advantage of Aritzia’s sophisticated inventory system.


Sometimes you’ll see something you love but the size or colour you’re looking for isn’t in your store — that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! You can always ask a sales associate to check the inventory system to see if what you’re looking for is available at another store. If it’s available elsewhere, you can put it on hold, or even purchase it on the spot and get it transferred to your store of choice. Just ask a sales associate for details.

5. During sale season, shop online.


Avid Aritzia shoppers know that when the retailer hosts its sales in-store, there are no returns or exchanges on discounted products. However, if you shop online, the policy is a little more lenient, and this is one of our favourite Aritzia secrets. While you won’t be able to get a full refund when you shop sale items online, you can do in-store exchanges for online purchases within 14 days of the shipping date on new, unworn items, or receive a merchandise credit on gift card. Everyone changes their mind sometimes, so when you shop Aritzia’s sales online, there’s less risk of regret.

6. Get an invite to Aritzia’s private Clientele sale.


Those who are already Aritzia Clientele know that the Clientele Sale gets you access to Aritzia’s sales before the public. While how to become a clientele is mostly kept under wraps, there are a couple of things you can do to increase your chances of getting on the list. First, be sure to sign up for Aritzia’s mailing list. Next, shop Aritzia frequently! Come sale time, those two things will play in your favour.

7. For big savings, shop the sale by percentage off.

When you shop online, the sale section is typically divided into percentage off right off the bat. The stores tend to categorize sections into percentage off as the sale goes on. By shopping this way, you know exactly how big of a saving you’re getting. It should also be known that the discounts get deeper the longer the sale goes on. But with that being said, the best stuff always gets scooped up first, so if you see something you like at a discount you’re okay with, don’t sleep on it!

8. For even deeper discounts, shop the Aritzia Warehouse Sale.


If you’re lucky enough to live in Vancouver, then you probably already know about the famous annual Aritzia Warehouse Sale. At these events, you can shop all of Aritzia’s in-house brands, plus the other brands Aritzia carries for 50-90%. The sale typically runs for a week and happens in August or September. Fresh items are added to the floor daily, so you’re always bound to find something you love. Just be wary of line-ups and crowds. Read our pro tips on how to shop a warehouse sale before you check Aritzia’s out.

9. If you’re in the Toronto area, visit Aritzia’s first and only North American outlet.

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Located at the Toronto Premium Outlets, Aritzia’s first North American outlet opened at the end of 2018. The store features all of the retailer’s in-house brands, like Talula, TNA, Wilfred, Babaton, Wilfred Free, Le Fou, Sunday Best, The Group by Babaton, and more, and over half of the store’s inventory is discounted all throughout the year.

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