5 Etsy Secrets To Know The Next Time You Shop

5 Etsy Secrets To Know The Next Time You Shop

Some people seem to have a talent for finding gems on Etsy – those unique, made-with-intention pieces that really stand out, whether we’re talking clothes, jewelry, homewares or baby toys. There are over 2 million Etsy sellers currently peddling their wares on the online marketplace. This means it’s not always quick or easy to find the cream of the crop. Don’t spend hours sifting aimlessly, save time and find exactly what you’re looking for with the help of these Etsy shopping secrets!

Keep reading for 5 Etsy shopping secrets that you need to know!

Use The Advanced Search Filters To Narrow Down Your Results

etsy shopping secrets

Don’t overlook the many advanced fields you can use to weed out all the finds you don’t want. The search functionalities on Etsy are tailored specifically for each category of good you’re shopping for so you can select your price range, shop location, handmade or vintage, colour, delivery type, special offers, and a bunch more. Know your criteria for perfection and get super granular.

Also enter descriptors into the text box that capture the essence of the style you’re in search of, for whatever item you want – such as, bohemian, 90s, androgynous, steampunk, etc. as opposed to the item name. Sellers will also often include a few adjectives in item names for SEO purposes.

Make Lists Of Favourite Items And Shops

etsy shopping secrets

You can use Etsy to make dream boards and wish lists – like Pinterest, but a little more practical. Favourite shops and items as they catch your eye and you can pull them all up at once so you don’t lose track. That ottoman you fell in love with the second you laid eyes on? Favourite it so you can reconsider next payday. The cocktail dress you’d be able to use during wedding season? Don’t let it be the one that got away. You can also create lists of items to organize your finds and also share them with others.

Suss Out Your Sellers

etsy shopping secrets

Etsy attracts indie makers and small business owners who pour passion into they made and you can generally tell from their presence on the platform. Definitely read reviews of your sellers products, and you can also see how quickly they respond to customer inquiries, how many items they’ve sold, and how long they’ve been on Etsy. This  should give you a strong idea of who’s behind the products you’re considering buying.

Reach out and ask questions, too. Sellers are generally more than happy to answer questions and give you the info you need to know. Trust is big when it comes to selling things online and your seller should understand that. 

Follow The Etsy Blog 

etsy shopping secrets

On the Etsy blog, you’ll find features of exceptional sellers, shopping guides, best-of roundups based on different themes, and more. This is a quick way to get to know the Etsy community. Search for the categories you’re interested in and find out who’s an Etsy champion.

Also, keep Etsy-loving influencers on your radar across social media for inspo. Scroll through hashtags like #etsyfinds #etsylover #etsystyle on Insta — you might find your new informal style advisor.   

See What’s Trending Now

etsy shopping secrets

When you’re in the mood to scroll, browse the trending now page to see the sellers that are really getting noticed across all categories. You won’t find the most hidden of the hidden gems here as this is a roundup of the most popular shops in each category from DIY to family to fashion. Instead, you’ll definitely find some well-loved, top-rated shops that you can’t really go wrong with. If you’re new to Etsy this is a great place to start.

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