Etsy Becomes First Global Retailer to Offset Carbon Emissions

Etsy Becomes First Global Retailer to Offset Carbon Emissions

If one of your goals for 2019 was to live your life a little greener, then listen up!

Everyone’s favourite online destination for all things handmade and vintage, Etsy, has announced that they’re offsetting 100% of carbon emissions generated by shipping.

Wondering what that all means exactly? Now, every time a customer clicks ‘buy now’, Etsy will automatically purchase verified emissions reductions. These are more commonly known as “offsets”, and they’re buying them through their partner 3Degrees. In other words, offsetting is the process of working to reduce the damage caused by releasing carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gasses) into the environment.

etsy offsetting carbon emissions

Fast and free shipping comes is a huge convenience for us as shoppers but it comes at a huge cost to Mother Nature. Etsy knows that and is changing the game and hopes other global retailers will do the same. This new offsetting costs retailers under one penny and doesn’t cost anything to consumers so it sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Today, Etsy jumpstarted their efforts in the U.S by offsetting shipping emissions for the entire US ecommerce industry for just one day. What does that mean? That means that they worked to offset the equivalent of protecting 100 square miles of forests for one year aka more than 4x the size of Manhattan!

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