9 Beauty & Fashion Brands Changing the World

To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve rounded up the biggest game changing brands – conservation has never looked so trendy!
To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve rounded up the biggest game changing brands - conservation has never looked so trendy!

Somewhere down the line, ethical brands got a bad rap for being aesthetically unappealing and out of reach. Fortunately, gone are those days and shopping ethically no longer means foregoing style or spending a fortune. The days of boycotting beauty products and donning hemp bras are over, and there are now plenty of beauty and fashion brands marrying style with conscious practices. To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve rounded up the most notable game changing brands – conservation has never looked so good!


brands changing the world

Oliberte, a shoe and accessory brand, focuses on supporting workers’ rights in sub-Saharan Africa by providing people with jobs in impoverished areas. Everything that they produce is vertically integrated in Africa: from the leather that is harvested on partner-owned farms to the very factory their shoes and bags are handmade in. They believe in “trade, not aid,” a matter of stimulating the economy through social practice. The brand is crazy for equality in a good way being B Corporation Certified and Fairtrade Certified, as well as donating to non-profits every year.

Image via @Oliberte

The Body Shop

We all know and love The Body Shop!  Among fairtrade and vegetarian products, they continuously work on new initiatives including their Global Initiative. With a focus to #EnrichNotExploit they are pioneering some pretty neat technology, specifically harnessing cow farts to make plastic packaging!


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Reformation is fast becoming a cult brand among women, namely for their slinky dresses and cool-girl-style. However, what’s even cooler is that the entire collection is produced from sustainable materials like deadstock fabric. Not too mention Reformation’s all encompassing eco-friendly factory with a heat-reflecting roof, 100% use of renewable energy and recycled hangers – respect!

Image via @Reformation


“Radical transparency” is this brand’s motto and so is creating simple mens & women’s wardrobe staples. Everlane believes informed choices ultimately contribute to greater prosperity for people and the planet! Their website showcases all their factories, explains costs and markup, and urges their customers to always ask why. Check out “Transparency Tuesdays” on their snapchat for behind the scenes footage.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

brands that are changing the world

This vibrant beauty brand isn’t only obsessed with creating high quality cosmetics, but also being 100% vegan and cruelty free. Obsessive Compulsive is internationally certified by PETA and has been implementing this policy for the past ten years, so you know they’re LEGIT. They’re not just jumping on the vegan-cruelty free bandwagon.

Image via @occmakeup

Freedom of Animals

The name says it all! Freedom of Animals wants all critters to live happy, prosperous lives and they do so by creating vegan, yet sophisticated faux leather bags. Don’t let the words faux leather deter you. Only the highest quality polyurethane, organic cotton and vegan materials are used – the look, feel and streamlined designs of the bags will have you fooled.

Amour Vert

brands that are changing the world

The contemporary, but casual-chic women’s fashion brand Amour Vert (meaning green love), combines a fresh contemporary aesthetic with a zero-waste policy. Their website has a page dedicated to explaining each fabric’s origin and how it adheres to the company’s sustainable policies. Both co-founders knowledge in engineering also helps, as it’s guaranteed these two don’t mess around with the concept of zero-waste.

Image via @amourvert


Cosmetic and skincare company, Odylique, operates on the brand philosophy that every ingredient must not only be organic, but possess therapeutic value. Their entire range of products are free of synthetic chemicals, common allergens and adhere to the strict organic guidelines laid down by the Soil Association. It now makes total sense that the company is named Odylique meaning power of nature.


brands changing the world

This fashion duo gets some serious street cred having trained in design at Central St. Martin, and apprenticing for Vera Wang and Peter Som. Their designs not only embody high fashion, but use fabrics that are locally produced and organic. Svilu also won the 2013 CFDA/ Lexus Eco Friendly Challenge, essentially making them the mother of all eco-friendly clothing brands.

Image via @Svilu

Are there any other brands changing the world that should be on this list?

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