5 Canadian Men’s Fashion Designers You Should Know In 2018

Today Canadian designers are being recognized for their immense talents and creative pieces of work. We’ve picked 5 of the most popular Canadian male designers you should keep your eye on in 2018.
5 Canadian Men’s Fashion Designers You Should Know In 2018

The world of fashion has been predominantly headlined by American, European, and Asian designers with many Canadians taking a backseat from the spotlight. There has been a shift in recent years where Canadian designers are being recognized for their immense talents and creative pieces of work.

There are countless amazing Canadian men’s fashion designers but a select few have gone above and beyond in order to stand out from the crowd. These individuals that you should keep your eye on in 2018 all have their own brands and they are some of the most popular Canadian male designers on social media as well. Here are our 5 Canadian men’s fashion designers that you should know in 2018:

1. David Kollar of Kollar Clothing


Using clothing as an art form rather than a piece of cloth that is worn is an incredibly difficult task as the designer’s message and intent can often be lost if it is not perfectly executed. David Kollar has used this thought process in his designs to produce simplistic yet distinctive pieces of clothing. With Kollar Clothing gaining more attention in the men’s fashion world, be sure to keep your eyes on David and his fine work.

2. Sean Brown of NEEDS&WANTS Studios

Image: Instagram/@byseanbrown

If luxury sportswear is what you’re looking for, look no further than the work by Sean Brown at NEEDS&WANTS Studios. Minimalistic and simple designs executed without the feeling of scarcity or emptiness, that is this designer’s strong suit. Sometimes, less is truly more and Sean’s collections are the embodiment of that phrase.

3. Shane Vitaly Foran of Vitaly Design

Vitaly Design has become one of Canada’s top streetwear brands with their clean aesthetics and variety of designs. Not only do they produce some of the most popular clothing pieces on the market, they also create incredible accessories which have become increasingly popular as well. The man behind the brand is Shane Vitaly Foran, the founder, and with his hard work, we have seen Vitaly’s stockists continue to grow along with their retail shops throughout Canada.

4. Jebril Jalloh of Get Fresh Company

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Get Fresh Company has been a staple in the Toronto streetwear community but they took it to another level in 2017 with their runway show during Toronto’s Men’s Fashion Week for their clothing collection and their collaboration with PUMA. Jebril has been instrumental in the success of Get Fresh Company with his constant hustle and dedication to his craft.

5. Michael Ji of KIRA

From Toronto to Los Angeles, Michael Ji has quietly been putting out some of the best work by a Canadian men’s fashion designer with his brand KIRA. Last month, he showcased his A/W 2018 collection titled ‘Blu is the Warmest Colour’ at the East Room and it drew high praises from countless individuals due to the quality of work put into all of Michael’s products. From sourcing the best materials to unique design elements, KIRA is the brand that you should keep an eye on this year.

Who is your favourite Canadian Men’s Fashion Designer? Share with us in the comments!

Featured image: Instagram/ @kollarclothing

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