6 Best Places In Toronto To Buy A Perfect Suit

We’ve put together a list of six retailers in Toronto where you can get your perfect suit, whether it’s bespoke or off-the-rack.
6 Best Places In Toronto To Buy A Perfect Suit

Speaking from personal experience, shopping for the perfect suit is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to shopping. Whether you’re looking for a suit to wear to the office or a suit to wear to a wedding, it’s often incredibly hard to find the suit for you. There are so many elements to take into consideration from fabric, collar style, number of buttons, different cuts, colours, patterns and so much more.

Although the landscape of menswear will constantly be in flux, something that will never go out of style is a well-fitting suit.

We’ve put together a list of six retailers in Toronto where you can get your perfect suit, whether it’s bespoke or off-the-rack.

Garrison Bespoke

Arguably the most well-known bespoke tailor in Toronto, Garrison Bespoke is often recognized as the top place for bespoke handmade suits and they offer a suit-making experience like no other. They create exceptional garments that can range from your everyday versatile suit to a waterproof or bulletproof suit. They use traditional tailor methods passed down from English tradesmen on Savile Row.

The level of craftsmanship in each of their products goes above and beyond the traditional duties of a bespoke tailor.

They have been acknowledged as an outstanding place to purchase a suit by local publications such as Toronto Life and The Globe and Mail, as well as international outlets such as GQ and Fox. In addition to their outstanding media coverage, their list of notable clients includes Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Gabriel Macht of Suits. Located in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District, Garrison Bespoke is the place to go for the finest quality suit and the most sophisticated retail experience.



When it comes to Canadian made bespoke suits, Sydney’s is the destination to go to. Sydney’s works exclusively with Canadian production teams for its in-house lines, providing a local line to the designed pieces but it also helps to employ over 800 people in the local community.  The owner, Sydney Mamane, opened shop in Toronto in 2003 and since then, they have gained a reputation for their impeccable service and a single destination for everyone’s menswear needs.

Syndey’s focus on fabric, quality and design is one of the main reasons that their expertly curated menswear brands are one of the most revered in Canada. Their products feature clean lines and minimal details with classic silhouettes that have a modern feel. The full-service shop offers bespoke and made-to-measure suiting options as well as off-the-rack options and in-house alterations to satisfy the demands of all of their clientele.

Alian Designs

Sometimes, you stumble upon a lesser known shop and find a hidden gem that most people in the city may not be aware of. Located in the downtown core of Toronto, Alian Designs is a retailer offering handmade suits and shirts to its loyal customer base. The owner, Alian, offers bespoke suits that are tailor-made to fit you perfectly and they are also able to make alterations to articles of clothing that may not fit you as well as it once used to.

Alian Designs offers flexible hours and can often turn around specific tailoring requests to your required timelines. One of the perks of being a lesser-known store is that their customer service is top notch and you will be able to get quality one-on-one time with the designer to ensure that your bespoke designs and alterations are to your specification.


Located in the Yorkville area of downtown Toronto on Hazelton Avenue, Suitsupply is one of the best international retailers in the Toronto area for your perfect suit. With countless custom and off-the-rack options available, you are able to book an appointment or walk in to find the perfect fitting suit. They are fast and effective while providing their clientele with the top-notch craftsmanship that every suit needs.

Their customer is top notch and they are known to be extremely accommodating to their customers’ desires and needs. If you have an older jacket or pants that you love which they no longer may carry, feel free to bring it in store and ask their employees to help you find the ideal replacement. They will not only look in their physical in-store inventory for a replacement, but they will also look at their online store’s inventory to see if they could find the perfect match.


Indochino is something that came out when two Canadian entrepreneurial students from the University of Victoria saw the need of a retailer offering proper fitting suits at an affordable price. Indochino is now a massive retailer and one of the top options for custom suits that can be purchased without putting a giant hole in your wallet. Indochino took the opposite route of the traditional factory-made suits and began creating suits specific to each individual.

They are now one of the industry leaders for accessible, affordable, well-fitting and fashionable suits which led to their immense business growth since their inception. With three retail locations spread throughout Toronto, they have turned their online store into physical locations offering budget-friendly and made-to-measure suiting that can be ready in approximately four weeks.


Image: Instagram/ @surmesur

Founded in 2010, Quebec-based Surmesur has seen incredible growth over the past few years. The menswear company specializes in creating affordable custom-made clothing, priding themselves on impeccable quality and service. Surmesur’s custom-made suits start at just over $400, and customers can choose from over 10,000 fabrics. The entire process takes about four to six weeks, and at the end of the process, customers walk away with perfectly tailored pieces that will last a lifetime. Right now, you can find Surmesur at 108 Queen St. East in Toronto, but expect to see new stores pop-up across Canada within the next few years.

Featured Image: Facebook/Indochino