Top Fashion Trends for 2018 According to Pinterest

Whether you’re a fashion newb or a glorified veteran, the polls are in for the top fashion trends for 2018. Check out what everyone has been pinning.

Move over Vogue; in the last few years Pinterest has become an authoritative voice on trends and they’re straight from the source! You guys, the users. Whether you’re a fashion newb or a glorified veteran, the polls are in for the top fashion trends for 2018. Check out what everyone has been pinning…


Top off your look Parisian-style with a beret! Apparently, they’re so popular that saves for the term increased by 269% last year. C’est beau!


Crazy Large Earrings

Oversized hoops have been in for a while, so larger than life earrings are a natural progression. Saves for “structured statement earrings” have gone up the most; 947%.



Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci have touted this look in the last year and it seems like logos are still really catching on. Saves went up an impressive 200%.


Layer Me Happy

Saves for long, layered clothing went up by 102% so this will no doubt be a popular look this year. To replicate the look go for cozy long sweaters with over coats, kimonos and dusters.


Blue Jean Baby

The original mom jean look is still going strong! Most-wanted in the perfect shade of retro blue, non-stretch denim. Saves for “cotton denim” soared by 115% in recent months.


Bold, Playful Socks

Socks showing with any type of shoe used to be taboo. Not anymore! Strappy heels and even sandals are fair game with sheer socks being the star of the show. Saves went up 72%.


Wider not Skin Tight

Bless! Saves for wide-legged bottoms went up by a whopping 213%, meaning spring is going to be easy, breezy and comfortable. This is a must-have wardrobe staple for the season.


Perfect in Plastic

Think patent leather, PVC, and lucite; expect to see everything from shoes, jackets, skirts and whatever else you can think of this Spring. Saves were up 110%.


Slits for Sex Appeal

Get ready to show some thigh in dresses and skirts, or even some side in sweaters and shirts, Side slits went up 117%; there’s never been a classier way to show some skin.


Embellished Feet

Top off your look (or rather bottom off) with bold, embellished shoes. Studs, pearls, gold buckles and similar details will be even more popular this year as sales increased by 222%!


What do you think about these fashion trends for 2018? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image: Instagram/ @camilacoelho

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