Canadian Jewellery Brands That Will Help You Make A Statement This Winter

The holidays are here and you still have parties to attend. That means you’re going to need some great accessories to complete all your holiday looks.
Canadian Jewellery Brands That Will Help You Make A Statement This Winter

The holidays are in full swing and that means you still have a whole whack of events to attend. From family dinners to parties with best friends, you’re going to need some great accessories to complete all your holiday looks.

But what better way to do that than with some local Canadian-made designs? The Canadian fashion scene is no stranger to international competitors anymore and as it turns out, Canada is chalked full of talented jewellery designers.

With unique designs and impressive techniques, we’ve rounded up 10 Canadian jewellery brands that will help you make a fashion statement this holiday season.

Jenny Bird

If you love Canadian jewellery then it’s safe to assume you already own a piece from this designer. Jenny Bird is a self-taught jewellery designer who won the 2014, 2015 and 2017 CAFA Accessory Designer of the Year Award. Having founded her eponymous line in 2008, Bird has since grown the label to include showrooms in New York, Paris, Los Angeles and more. Each jewellery piece is personal, thought-out and never chain-produced, which is something that can be credited to the brand’s success over the years.


ARMED designer Desiree Girlato is the ultimate girl boss and her jewellery brand is unapologetically bold while unforgettably unique. Located in downtown Toronto, ARMED’s designs range from super delicate to dramatically ornate, making it the place to shop for statement necklaces. The brand caters to both men and women, working to “elevate the everyday” with its pieces showcasing that it really does have something for everyone.


Located in Toronto’s Liberty Village, Carnabys is owned and operated by local Torontonian, Geoff Black and offers affordable yet luxurious jewellery in a relaxed, pressure-free environment. Driven by personalization technology and supporting its customers’ creativity, Carnabys is the place to go if you’re looking to create your own statement piece.  

Jewellery by Karen McFarlane

Karen McFarlane takes costume jewellery to a whole new level. From cocktail rings to chandelier earrings to Victorian-era collared necklaces, Jewellery by Karen McFarlane isn’t your run-of-the-mill statement jewellery brand. The Ontario-based designer creates Oscar worthy costume pieces like you’ve never seen before and can be found online or at her Leslieville storefront On The Other Hand.

Betty Barbs

Founded in Toronto in 2014 by Kristin Elizabeth Barbaree, her label Betty Barbs has quickly become a Canadian go-to for high-quality jewellery. Each Betty Barbs piece boasts bold, edgy design mixed with a minimal aesthetic. Every design is made to order using precious metals with pearl and diamond accents for a true statement piece that is sure to make you stand out this holiday season.

Cloud and Lolly

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Cloud and Lolly designer Cheryl Currie used to be a graphic designer but now works to bring handmade boho-chic jewellery to the masses. Working out of her rural Alberta studio, Currie creates beautiful pieces that incorporate semi-precious stones and vintage elements for a refined gipsy vibe. Each piece requires a huge amount of attention to detail and involves a lot of workmanship on Currie’s part, which is evident in the wow factor of each design.


Ashleigh Devon is the creative power behind Toronto’s Goldeen jewellery brand that focuses on “crystals and hip-hop and nostalgia.” Most popular for its mood rings and gold ID tag bracelets with hip-hop lyrics etched into them, Goldeen is one part saucy and one part cute but all parts badass. Whatever piece you choose from Goldeen – or whether you choose to get your own custom saying imprinted – it’s sure to be a statement piece.

Lauren Klassen

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Lauren Klassen is unlike any other jewellery designer on this list. She has the ability to create fashionable industrial-inspired pieces from nearly anything around the house or office. She reinvents anything from paper clips to padlocks and keys and turns them into wearable, stylish accessories. Who knew wearing a push pin as a necklace would pick up as a trend?

Dean Davidson

Nominated next to Jenny Bird for a CAFA this year, Dean Davidson’s jewellery effortlessly combines maximalism and minimalism. His designs forego overbearing gender-stereotypes and instead encourages both men and women to express their style through what he deems as “unexpected jewellery.” Dean Davidson products can be purchased at over 350 retailers across Canada including Nordstrom and have been seen on a variety of A-listers from Jessica Alba to most notably, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

Caroline Néron

Caroline Néron is a Canadian actress, singer and now accessory designer. She had the idea for her jewellery line while on a trip to Las Vegas in 2004 and her pieces render the rugged, earthy vibes of Nevada’s landscapes. Her designs are artistic but play to the ever-changing world of fashion. Since then, her brand has opened over 20 stores across Canada and has expanded beyond jewellery to include accessories and leather goods plus accessories for men.


Captve is more like wearable art rather than just jewellery. The Montréal brand uses the lost wax process for most of its pieces where the designs are first hewn in wax then cast in sterling silver, bronze or gold. This process gives every piece a whimsical, fairytale-esque feel that makes the jewellery seem more like mini sculptures. Although some of the prices can seem a bit steep, Captve’s pieces are definitely one of a kind.

What is your favourite Canadian jewellery brand? Let us know in the comments!

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