11 Tim Hortons Menu Hacks To Know The Next Time You Order

11 Tim Hortons Menu Hacks To Know The Next Time You Order

Tim Hortons has been a Canadian icon for as long as we can remember but what doesn’t have to be traditional, is your next order. Did you know that Timmie’s has a secret menu? Well now you do, and yes, you need to try it ASAP. Whether you’re in the mood for a beverage or a bite, there are loads of different ways you can spice up your order. Thankfully, a few forward-thinking customers have helped to tweak a number of our favourite menu items, and they sound delicious. You’ll definitely want to take notes for the next time you visit your nearest Tims!

Here are Tim Hortons menu hacks to know!

Spice up your grilled cheese

If grilled cheese is your go-to, then you seriously need to start customizing it! Add bacon, tomatoes, onions, and more. Create your very own gourmet grilled cheese the next time you’re at Timmies.

Create the ultimate breakfast sandwich

This little trick using a hash brown is a game-changer! The next time you order a breakfast sandwich, instead of getting your hash brown on the side, get the folks at Timmie’s to stick it in your sandwich for some extra crunch. This is also a good hack if you’re a vegetarian, as you can get the hash brown as a sub for bacon or sausage.

Try The “Wayne Gretzky” If You’re Addicted To Sugar

This drink is definitely not for the faint of heart considering the amount of sugar in it, but if you want to treat yourself, by all means. Hockey player Wayne Gretzky was known for wearing number 99 on his jersey, hence the 9 sugars and 9 creams in this drink. Don’t act surprised! We told you this one was intense. 

Getting a Chai tea white hot chocolate is easier than you think

You’re probably wondering why you never thought of this, as it’s literally what the name implies. Rather than drinking your white hot chocolate on it’s own, ask for Timmie’s employee to add a chai tea bag.

Don’t forget about the Sweet Syrups

Tim Horton’s has some sweet syrups that you can choose from, which are chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. Typically, these are used in specific coffee drinks, but you can ask to have any of these flavours in your beverage to switch it up.

Swap out your bagel for a doughnut

If mixing savoury and sweet is something you’re into, swap out your bagel for a doughnut. This smart Canadian substituted a chocolate glazed doughnut when they ordered a BLT, and the outcome looks mouth-watering. 

You can order a veggie bagel – you just have to ask for it

Most original Tim Hortons sandwiches come on bagels, but what if you want one sans meat? Literally, order the bagel with all the fixings, BUT hold the lunch meat, and you will have created yourself a nice little veggie sandwich. This is even better if you’re vegan and don’t want any cream cheese for obvious reasons.

Yes, a coffee crisp hot chocolate is as good as it sounds

As soon as we heard the word coffee and crisp in one sentence, we were sold. Well, it turns out you can order a makeshift Coffee Crisp hot chocolate at Tim Hortons by ordering a white-hot chocolate with a shot of espresso. The strong coffee flavour, mixed with the sweet hot chocolate is very reminiscent of a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar.

Order a chocolate Timbit Iced Cap if you want to drink dessert

This decadent drink is exactly what it sounds like: dessert in a cup. It is the perfect fix if you can’t decide between a Timbit and an Iced Capp because it’s both. The finished order will be an Iced Capp, dressed in whipped cream and finished with a chocolate Timbit on top. 

Something called the “Saturn Timbit” exists and it’s delicious 

While this may be the most annoying secret menu item for employees to make, it’s seriously delicious. The next time you’re in Tim Hortons, ask for your Timbit to be cut in half, toasted, and for whipped cream to be added to the middle. The end result is a Timbit that kind of resembles a planet.

You can get warm doughnuts anytime

Want a doughnut that tastes like it was made fresh to order? Simply order your fave doughnut but ask for it to be warmed up or toasted. We hear that this hack works best on the sour cream glazed doughnuts!

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