10 MAC Cosmetics Secrets Revealed By Previous Employees 

10 MAC Cosmetics Secrets Revealed By Previous Employees 

MAC Cosmetics is a brand we are all familiar with but what is it really like to, you know, work there? Working in beauty always seems glam, especially when the employees are dressed in chic all-black and always have a stand-out, almost unachievable and desirable makeup look going on. If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like working at MAC Cosmetics, then keep on reading to find out all the secrets spilled by employees!

Keep reading for secrets revealed by MAC employees!

The Employees Are All Professional Makeup Artists

MAC only hires professional makeup artists to be on their team which means they were trained directly by the brand or they have their own credentials. MAC also has candidates applying for a position do a make-up test where they create a look and have to talk through it as if they would with a potential customer.

Employees Must Must Always Be In A Full Face Of Makeup 

The Jenners & Kardashians (Obviously) Have A Huge Influence

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West in particular have a huge influence on customers and sales. MAC’s “Soar” lip liner sells out extremely fast, ever since Kylie Jenner admitted to using the lip liner. Also, Kim Kardashian is the most requested celebrity makeup look that customers ask for. 

To no ones surprise, MAC employees are required to wear a full-face of makeup to work. Not only is a full face necessary but employees also have a minimum amount of products they’re told to wear.

Samples Are Constantly Being Stolen 

Stolen product is unfortunately a common problem to have while working at MAC. Employees say that people will take lipsticks and other samples that are on display and steal them — even sometimes swapping them with their empty containers. It becomes an even bigger problem when products that sell out quick or are being discontinued go “missing.”

The Sanitation Rules Are Very Strict

This is one secret we’re glad is a thing. Hygiene in a make-up store is incredibly important and MAC employees sometimes have to clean upwards of 25 brushes per day, sometimes more.

You Won’t Meet A MAC employee That Doesn’t Love Fix +

One of MAC’s most iconic products is the Prep + Prime Fix + and it’s one of the brands top sellers. Not only do everyday customers love it but so do employees. Fix + is a multi-use product that can be used for priming your face, setting makeup, and even making eyeshadows more pigmented. What’s not to love?

Experienced MAC Employees Get Jewellery

Once the employees are certified or have reached a level of seniority, they are gifted jewellery. So, although they don’t typically have name tags, you can tell how experienced someone is based on their accessories.

The Job Is More Than Just Makeovers

MAC employees have more to do than just makeovers. In addition to keeping up with inventory, they also manage the cash desk, sanitize products, clean brushes, and do whatever else the shift calls for.

Employees Truly Love Giving Their Customers Makeovers

MAC employees love giving their customers a boost of confidence by using their skills and talent to enhance the beauty of their customers. The MAC artists do makeup for pretty much any occasion you can think of. They find it rewarding to see a customer leave with more confidence than they walked in with.

Buy The Refillable Palettes To Save

Purchase the refillable palettes and the refill pans in your fave shades. This way you get to enjoy the same products and get to save some coin since you’re not paying for the expensive packaging over and over again. The refillable items are all available at any freestanding MAC stores or online.

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