8 Tips & Tricks For Shopping On SSENSE

8 Tips & Tricks For Shopping On SSENSE

Ahh, SSENSE, the one-stop-shop of all fashion-lovers dreams. The Montreal-based e-comm retailer is known for its massive selection of high-end and up-and-coming designer names in both men’s and women’s categories. Aimlessly browsing and shopping the SSENSE site is very tempting. But before you hit check-out, there are some tips and tricks you should be utilizing while you shop to get the best bang for your buck and find the best pieces the site has to offer. 

Become an SSENSE-shopping pro with these tips and tricks:

Wait For The Sale

SSENSE goes on major sale twice a year, and that’s when you can score heavy discounts (up to 70% off usually), on a ton of great pieces! There’s no telling what will go on sale before it does, but it’s usually quite generous. So, being patient and waiting for the sale to see if your fave items are included is probably worth it. During the SSENSE sale, you can even filter your searches so you only see the items that are on sale – weeding out the rest. 

Pay Attention To Low Stock Memos

As much as the rule of patience usually pays off when shopping on SSENSE, there’s nothing worse than going back to realize what you were hoping to buy is now sold out. Luckily, SSENSE gives a memo if particular pieces are running low (in the section where you go to select your size), so you can better judge if it’s worth the risk of waiting it out. 

Add To Wishlist

To avoid mindless spending (and on SSENSE, it can be oh-so-tempting), add your coveted pieces to your wishlist to shop more meaningfully and keep tabs on the items you’re hoping to buy. 

Shop By Designer

The SSENSE website carries over 60,000 items from more than 500  brands. So, browsing its selection can get overwhelming, to say the least. Shopping by your favourite designers allows you to explore the pieces you’re more likely to be interested in, saving you ample time scrolling. 

Become an SSENSE+ Member

SSENSE+ members get perks that allow for an elevated shopping experience. As soon as you make an account and a purchase, you’re automatically enrolled in the program! For every dollar spent, you’ll earn a point, and the more points you earn, the more offers and perks you receive – which includes access to the private sale, insider updates, exclusive offers, and more! 

Download The App

Sometimes retailer apps don’t nearly compare to just shopping the website, however the SSENSE app is actually super user-friendly and makes shopping the selections really easy. The more you use it, the app will better be able to offer you a personalized shopping experience. 

Sign Up For Emails

If you want to get the most out of shopping at SSENSE, signing up for the SSENSE newsletter is a must. You’ll be sent new drops, sale information, and other important updates you’ll want to be aware of. 

Price Match

One of the best perks that SSENSE offers is price matching. “If an item is sold by another online retailer at a lower price, SSENSE will match their price.”, as stated in its Price Protection Policy. That means, if you can find a beloved pair of Margiela Tabi’s at a lower price and it shares the same style, size, colour, material, and season (and is listed as full-price), SSENSE will honour that price. Find more information on price matching here.

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