9 Secrets To Know When Shopping At Nordstrom Rack

9 Secrets To Know When Shopping At Nordstrom Rack

Looking for designer finds for less? Well, then Nordstrom Rack is about to become your new go-to spot. What you may not know is that only 20% of Nordstrom Rack’s merchandise actually comes from Nordstrom, while the rest is made specifically for the off-price Rack. Although the off-price retailer no longer ships to Canada, it’s definitely worth it to find your closest store and head on over for the savings.

Here are secrets that you need to know when shopping at Nordstrom Rack.

If The Main White Tag Says “Nordstrom Rack,” It Didn’t Come From A Nordstrom Store

Another thing to pay attention to on clothing tags is the way it is labeled. Tags that read “Nordstrom Rack” at the top weren’t initially sold at Nordstrom stores, but rather were made to sell specifically at Nordstrom Racks. A full-line Nordstrom item will never have a paper Nordstrom Rack tag.

Items With A Nordstrom Paper Tag Or A Designer Tag Came From A Nordstrom Store

On the contrary, if an item does have a paper tag and/or the original designer tag on it, then you know for sure that it came from a full-line Nordstrom store and wasn’t made for Nordstrom Rack only.

“Compare At” Prices Aren’t Comparing The Regular And Sale Prices

Many people make the mistake of assuming the ‘compare at‘ prices on Nordstrom Rack tags are indicating a regular and sale price, but this isn’t the truth. Instead of showing the regular price versus a markdown price, it is actually comparing the item with the average price of any like item. So if you find a pair of jeans for $50 and the compare at price is $100, it means that the latter is the usual going rate for an item of this type.

Tags With A Red Sticker Indicate Clearance Items That Are Up To 85% Off

Regardless of whether or not an item came from a Nordstrom store, or was made specifically for the Rack, items with red tags or a red sticker on the original tag indicate clearance prices. You’ll get the deepest discounts on these items, saving up to 85% off the original Nordstrom Rack price.

The Price On The Rack’s Red Sticker Trumps Any Written Sale Price

Sometimes the tags at Nordstrom Rack may have multiple price stickers and handwritten prices. If you’re confused about which price is correct, apparently the red sticker price trumps all, even if the handwritten price is lower. The reason this can happen is because the item was marked down at a regular Nordstrom store before being sent to and repriced at the Rack.

You Can Find Items For Even Less If They Have Been Altered Or Refinished

While these items don’t have a dedicated area, if you do find a Nordstrom Rack tag that also reads “Altered or Refinished”, or has a blue sticker, the price will be even better. It simply means that the item has been refurbished and is therefore further discounted.

You Can Get Up To 75% off During Regular “Clear the Rack” Sales

Clear the Rack sales events happen regularly at Nordstrom Rack, and it’s at these times that you can get an extra 25% off anything at the register. But don’t wait too long on an item; typically Clear the Rack sales only last two to five days.

Find Most Of The High-End Designer Items On “Designer Row” Clearance Racks

If your goal is to get the best value on high-end designer labels, save yourself some time and head directly to any racks that have a black “Designer Row” sign or a specific designer label above them. The majority of these items will be true designer.

Find The Deepest Discounts On Red Clearance Racks At The Back Of The Store

Is finding the biggest discounts and saving the most your top priority? Then stick to shopping at the back of the store. This is where all the red clearance racks with the biggest savings are located!

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