15 Secrets About Zara Revealed By Former Employees

15 Secrets About Zara Revealed By Former Employees

Ever get the feeling that Zara employees know something we don’t? Where are the best sale items in the store? How often do new shipments arrive? Is it worth it to order items online? Who’s responsible for the elegantly dressed mannequins at the front of the store?

Well, the secrets are out: here are things about Zara you’ve always wanted to know. 

The Best Time To Shop At Aara Is Before Noon

It’s no surprise really that stores tend to get busier in the afternoon. But at Zara, the lines get substantially longer as soon as 1 p.m. hits. The busiest times are weekdays in the afternoon when people are trying to squeeze in some shopping during their lunch break, and of course, weekends.

Most Zara Stores Don’t Carry Everything That’s Online

Naturally, Zara’s online collection is worlds larger than what they are capable of carrying in-store. The items that sell the best online, are first in line to be shipped to stores.

New Shipments Of Merchandise Come In Biweekly

Every two weeks on Monday and Thursday morning, before the store opens, the new shipments are received. Most of the new stock, however, won’t make it to the floor. On top of that, sometimes throughout the day, the store may receive smaller shipments.

All Zara Employees Get 25% Off Everything In Stores

But here’s the real kicker: Not only do staff receive 25% off regular items, but sale items as well. A little goes a long way.

There’s A Reason Purses Are Displayed On The Floor Next To Shoes

You might’ve noticed that purses are always set up on the floor next to where shoes are normally displayed. The reasoning behind this one is simple. They want everything to be in-reach, and as visually accessible as possible.

The Sale Items Are Arranged In The Store By Price

The most expensive sale items are located at the front of the store, in hopes that they are the first things to be sold. But, the further into the store you get, the better the deals are.

Zara Has A Team Of Styling Experts Called “Visuals”

Every morning the “visuals team” rearranges the items on the floor, and puts new outfits on the mannequins. But because every store has a different team of visuals, every store will have different displays, based on that individual store’s visual team’s taste.

You Can Ship Your Online Purchases To A Store For Pick-Up

If you’re trying to avoid costly shipping and handling fees, you can ship your online purchases to your nearest Zara location, and pick them up there, instead of having them delivered to your home.

Stained And Damaged Items Get Put Aside And Sorted Into What’s Salvageable And What’s not

Throughout the day, employees are supposed to keep an eye out for items that are stained, ripped, or damaged, and pile them in the back where they are sorted by what needs to be cleaned, repaired, or disposed of.

Zara Doesn’t Offer Discounts On Stained Or Damaged Items

Although they don’t offer any sort of discount on stained or damaged items, if you do still choose to buy it, you can request that they make a note on your receipt that indicates what was wrong with the item, allowing you to bring it back for a full refund.

If Items Don’t Sell Well, They Get Shipped To Other Zara Stores

If items don’t seem to be selling well, they’re shipped out to a warehouse in New Jersey, sorted, and then rerouted to new Zara locations, in hopes that they do better there.

Beware Of Sizing

This Zara secret will help you nail down the proper sizing. If you see Trafaluc on a Zara tag, then you should go up one size. All of the items in this collection are made about a size smaller.

Pay Attention To The Sections

At Zara, you’ll find that there are three main sections in the ladies’ department which are Women’s and Women’s Studio, Basics, and Trafaluc. If you find something you love in the Women’s Studio, typically pieces that are over $200, be sure to grab them! These items won’t get restocked after it’s sold out.

Ask If You Don’t See Your Size

Typically, items like dresses, shirts, shoes, etc., have a certain number of sizes that are on the floor. So, if you don’t see your exact size, it’s definitely worth it to ask a sales associate if they can check the back stock for additional pieces.

Mark Your Calendars For The Semi-Annual Sale

We all know and love Zara’s massive Semi-Annual Sale where you can grab all of the basics and trendy items at a major discount. Be sure to keep an eye out for when it starts, which is usually the week after Christmas and then in June, so you can get first dibs.

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