Zara Workers Cry for Help Through Hidden Messages

Zara is in trouble once again after hidden messages were found in garments from workers. Zara employees are crying for help after three months of unpaid work.

Popular fast fashion retailer Zara is currently is in a very troubled situation. So here is our advice: make sure to check your pockets after shopping at Zara. According to shoppers, some very unusual notes were found in their clothing from Zara’s workers. They are are begging for your help.

According to Independent UK, Zara is worth an estimated £8.6 billion and has over 2,200 stores worldwide. Zara might be one of the most successful brands in the world, but they are yet in another giant controversy. For Zara, it is probably just another issue to add to their long list of problems i.e. a rodent being sown into the fabric of a dress! Yes, that happened!

And now, Zara’s employees from Istanbul are begging for your help, as reported by the Associated Press. Those notes from hapless workers have been found sewn into pockets of Zara’s garments. These unusual tags made it clear that factory workers were not being compensated for their work for as long as three months, and decided it was time to let the world know. These notes were written and sewed in the hopes that concerned shoppers would pressure the retailer to pay back their wages. “I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it,” is one of the many words written on the tags.

These poor workers were hired by a third-party manufacturer, Bravo Tekstil, one of Zara’s factories based in Istanbul, and was allegedly closed overnight last year. The factory also produces clothes for other companies such as Mango and Next.

Ouch! Another scandal for the Spanish retailer, and it isn’t Zara’s first time. While Zara always meets design and fashion demands, is that enough to meet customer satisfaction? Are we going to buy into fashion that also abuses its workers?

I guess we’ll find out.

Does this change your opinion on Zara? 

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