These 14 Craziest Instagram Beauty Trends Will Make Your Day

Nose hair extensions, wavy eyebrows, rainbow freckles, glitter butts – these are the craziest beauty trends that single-handedly redefine the word extra and could even be called art. Check them out here! called art.
These 14 Craziest Instagram Beauty Trends Will Make Your Day

Quite often we ask ourselves, “what scary beauty trend will Instagram spew out next?” While we question the wearability of hairy nails and glitter butts, let’s remember that not all things are meant to be understood. These beauty trends single-handedly redefine the word extra and could even be called art.

Take a look at 14 of the craziest Instagram beauty trends below:

1. Nose hair extensions

2017 was the year of the butt – 2018 is the year of the nose. These fluttery eyelashes like hairs will dance in the wind as you walk, accentuating just how beautiful your nostrils really are.


2. Wavy eyebrows

To anyone who has thought to themselves, “straight eyebrows are so boring,” wavy brows will be your new go-to. Ten out of ten if you can achieve this look without photoshop.


3. Condom makeup applicator

If you have an abundance of condoms sitting around, they can now double as makeup applicators. Apparently putting a condom around your beauty blender results in an even more flawless finish.


4. Lollipop lips

Lollipop lips are perfect for the lazy girl; sleep in your lipstick to recreate this effect. Bonus points because this look requires no touch-ups throughout the day. Who doesn’t love a hassle-free makeup look?


5. Unicorn beauty 

Low and behold, your nails can literally look like they were blessed by unicorns. Over-the-top glitter, iridescent shades, and sparkly applique will make any passerby stare. Go on and live your shiny truth.

(Instagram/ @mermaidmeetsunicorn)

6. Holographic makeup 

Holographic makeup is the perfect accent to unicorn beauty and is equally as magical. Picture a mermaid riding a unicorn – that’s how you’ll feel when you’re wearing this look. UNREAL.


7. Glitter Roots

If you suffer from dandruff or have dull, lifeless roots, hair glitter is your new best friend. But disclaimer – be prepared to pick sequins off of everything for many, many days after.


8. Pimple nail art 

This manicure is FRIGHTENING for the majority, but if you’re one of those weirdos who is obsessed with Dr. Pimple Popper, this might be the right look for you. It literally oozes creativity.


9. Christmas tree eyebrows 

Just in time for the holidays, was Christmas tree eyebrows. Many beauty aficionados took to Instagram to sport the luscious tree-like works of art.



10. Glitter butts

Big bootys are still as captivating as ever. If you want to accentuate your best asset, why not cover it in a ridiculous amount of glitter? Pro tip: try not to sit down for the rest of the day.


11. Neon lips

Neon lips are an easily replicated trend. Thinking of trying it? Be bold and use a sickly pigment like this. Other suggestions are highlighter orange and frostbitten blue.


12. Rainbow freckles

Okay, so by now I’m sure we’ve all seen the faux freckle trend… well, colourful freckles are the answer to every extra girl’s prayers. Don’t be basic when you can be every shade of the rainbow.


13. Barbed Wire brows 

Girl, start growing those brow hairs! Barbed wire brows are the cousin of feathered brows and they are just as cool and trendy. Any day you rock these, you’ll be looking sharp.


14. Hairy nail art 

If your mind hasn’t exploded yet, hairy nail art will do the trick. Sarcasm aside, WTF? This manicure is both terrifying and impressive. Her tiny face will haunt our dreams forever.


Would you try one of these crazy beauty trends? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image: Instagram/ @gogetglitter

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