10 Things All Etsy Shoppers Need to Know

Hidden offerings, insider secrets and the ultimate savings… We’ve rounded up the 10 things every Etsy shopper needs to know. Keep reading for the top tips for shopping at Etsy.
10 Things All Etsy Shoppers Need to Know

At StyleDemocracy, we know shopping! We deliver the scoop on all things retail-related including how to get the best value at your favourite stores and online retailers. Hidden offerings, insider secrets and the ultimate savings… We’ve rounded up the 10 things every Etsy shopper needs to know. Keep reading for the top tips for shopping at Etsy.

Get Paid for Shopping on Etsy

We’ve told you before about our obsession with Ebates and earning cashback just for shopping. Earn 2% cash back on all of your Etsy purchases by first logging on through your Ebates account. Don’t have an Ebates account? It’s so easy to join and even easier to earn money on your purchases click here to sign up!

Favourite Everything!

Favourite your heart out on Etsy! By adding things (both items and shops) to your Favourites, Etsy will get to know you better and make more relevant product and shop recommendations for you. Tip: These recommendations can often result in similar products and shops with lower prices and/or more convenient shipping options.

Contact the Seller

If you’re on the fence about purchasing an item off of Etsy, don’t hesitate to contact the Shop’s Owner! By doing so, you can learn so much more about an item than simply what is listed online. Ask a seller to send more photos of an item, clarify fit, expedite shipping or even include gift wrapping. You’ll be surprised by just how accommodating Etsy Shop Owners can be.

Negotiate your Pricing/Buy in Bulk

There is power in numbers! Don’t be afraid to reach out to an Etsy Shop Owner and request a discount for buying items in bulk. Most sellers are happy to oblige – these sellers make it easy for buyers to save by creating a custom listing for bulk purchases at a discount. Tip: Some Etsy Shops will hide a bulk discount coupon code as part of their cover photo image.

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Engage with the Seller

Be in the know with your favourite Etsy shops. Reach out and ask to be added to an Etsy Shop Owner’s e-mail list and follow them on various social media channels! These are great ways to keep tabs on news of any flash sales, coupon codes and new product launches.

Shop Local and In Real Life 

Play around with Etsy’s “Shop Location” and “Ship To” settings to hone in on local shops and support the creators in your community! To meet your local makers IRL, keep an eye on your city’s Etsy Street Team. Follow them on social to find out about upcoming markets, workshops, art shows, and more. Follow the Toronto Etsy Street Team here

Save on Shipping Costs

One of the perks to shopping local with Etsy is the convenience of buying from a Shop Owner right in your backyard. Before placing your Etsy order with a shop located in your City, contact the Shop Owner to negotiate if an in-person pick-up is possible to save on shipping costs. Most of the time, they will be more than happy to oblige and meet you at a mutually convenient public place.

Play with Search Terms

The key to finding exactly what you’re looking for on Etsy is creatively using keywords in your search. Try to be as detailed as possible and test out different adjectives – you’ll be surprised by the varying search results that populate when you describe an item as “red” or “maroon” or “wine” coloured.    

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Read Buyers’ Feedback

Read an item’s reviews prior to placing your Etsy order. The review of a recent, previous buyer is the best indication of an item’s value. Satisfied customers generally go into detail about how fantastic a product or service and therefore,  you’ll likely enjoy it as well. Steer clear of any items with complaints on Etsy (especially any negative feedback that isn’t responded to by the Shop Owner ASAP).  

Save on Your Next Purchase

From our experience, many Etsy Shops are likely to toss in a coupon code with your order upon shipping to entice you to make a repeat purchase. Therefore, if you’re inclined to place a second order with a Shop or tell your friend about a great buy, hold off until you receive your first shipment for that handy discount coupon off of your next Etsy order.

Do you agree with our list of the 10 things every Etsy shopper needs to know? What would you add?

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