10 Things Every Canadian Tire Shopper Needs To Know

Hidden offerings, insider secrets and the ultimate savings… we’ve rounded up the 10 things every Canadian Tire shopper needs to know. Keep reading for the top tips for shopping at Canadian Tire.
10 Things Every Canadian Tire Shopper Needs To Know

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We’ve rounded up the 10 things every Canadian Tire shopper needs to know. Keep reading for the top tips for shopping at Canadian Tire.

Canadian Tire Money Has Gone Digital

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Canadian Tire money has been around for ages. But in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, in 2018 they announced that they will be expanding their reward-program to a loyalty card called Triangle Rewards. This expansion means that you can redeem points at not just Canadian Tire locations but also at stores like Sport Chek and Mark’s.

They Sell More Than Just Tires

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I’m not going to lie, for a long time, I assumed that Canadian Tire was nothing more than a big-box store that sold car-related products, cleaning, camping supplies, and gardening supplies. I was shocked to find out how much they’ve expanded their horizons. Nowadays you can find appliances, snacks, outdoor furniture, home decor, pet food, and more.

They Will Price Match

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As long as you have proof that another local retailer is selling the exact same item for a lower price, Canadian Tire will price match it for you.

They Will Accept Returns And Exchanges For 90 Days To Any Canadian Tire Location

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So long as the item is still in perfect condition, and you still have your receipt, you can bring it back and return it. However, if you ordered the item online, you will not be refunded the shipping cost.

You Can Check In-Store Availability Online Before Heading Into The Store

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If you’ve found the item you’re looking for online, but you aren’t sure if it’s available at your nearest Canadian Tire store, you can easily find the answers you’re looking for without having to call the store. Instead, you can fill out the “Please select a pickup location to check inventory”, select your preferred store location and presto, you’ll not only know if it’s available there, but you can find out if it’s available at any other Canadian Tire location near you.

They Offer Home Delivery Service

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If you are unable to make it into the store and physically transport your purchase, don’t fret. For a small fee of $4.99, you can have most Canadian Tire products delivered straight to your front door. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

You Can Sign Up To Be Notified Whenever They’re Having A Sale

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Constantly having to check online if a store is having a sale, or having to wait for the weekly flyer to show up in the mail can be a hassle. Instead, you can create an account on the Canadian Tire website and request to be notified whenever a sale is going to occur.

They Offer ‘As Seen On Tv’ Products

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Photo via Canadian Tire

In the era of commercial-free TV, it isn’t so easy to stumble upon an infomercial, call in, and order an item anymore. But you’re in luck because Canadian Tire offers all the obscure, As Seen On TV home gadgets and cooking supplies that you’ve probably been curious about trying!

You Can Order Items Online That Are Out Of Stock, And They Will Ship It To You As Soon As It Becomes Available

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If you’ve tried to buy an item in-store and it wasn’t available, and it doesn’t seem to be available online either, you still have a final option. You can order the item online, and have the item shipped to you as soon as possible — eliminating the possibility of it going out of stock again before you can get to it.

There Are Certain Items Online That Are Not Available In-Store


There are quite a few perks to online shopping — the main one being that you don’t have to leave your house. But Canadian Tire offers one more perk, and it’s a major one: online exclusive items. I know the name speaks for itself, but this essentially means that if the item indicates it’s an online exclusive, you cannot find it in any Canadian Tire store.

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