8 Top Tips For The Most Successful Shopping Trip To Michaels

8 Top Tips For The Most Successful Shopping Trip To Michaels

As a crafty person in Canada, our options for reasonably priced craft supplies are relatively limited compared to our neighbours down south. But despite this we’ve got a pretty amazing resource, and a one-stop-shop via my favourite store on the planet, Michaels.

While each Michaels store is a bit different, they can all be a bit overwhelming.

I’ve come up with 8 top tips to keep in mind next time you’re hunting for your next project. Trust me, I’ve spent a lot of time wandering through these aisles, and I’m so happy to share my learnings with you!

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Sign Up For Their Newsletters

I know newsletters sit unopened in your inbox, or are deleted faster than you can say “junk mail,” but the Michaels’ newsletters are actually a great resource to smart shopping at the store. And they don’t mess around so if they’ve got a BOGO sale happening, it’ll say it right there in the subject line.

This week alone I’ve seen BOGO pricing on frames, florals, spring decor and more. There is always some sort of sale on at Michaels, so it definitely pays to take a look at their newsletter before planning a trip. You never know what deals you might be able to score!

Always Shop With Your 40-60% Off Coupon

There is almost always a coupon for 40-60% off at Michaels. While it technically only works on one item, I’ve seen people get really crafty with it. I like to plan big purchases around these coupons. While they might not work on everything in the store, you can really save on some of your favourite items using these coupons!

Take Advantage Of Their In-Store WIFI

How many retail stores have WIFI inside of them?! Having access to WIFI is perfect for pulling up your coupons on your phone, or for finding some last minute Pinterest inspiration for your next project.


Don’t Miss The Clearance Section

It’s often not easy to find, but every store has a clearance section. It’s not very big, but you can score some really sweet deals on damaged, discontinued, or older model products. It’s always worth taking a browse through this section of the store, you never know how inspiration will strike!

Keep Your Eye On End Of Season Sales

Just like any retail store, Michaels relies on seasonal inventory. You’ll find the best deals on holiday decor after the season is over. That is the time to stock up on new Christmas trees, the best Halloween costume for your dog, or some cute Valentine’s Day balloons you’ll definitely have forgotten about in a year’s time.

Keep An Eye On The Events Calendar

Michaels offers free inexpensive workshops and demonstrations to learn something new! Most stores also have an events space for hosting events, and it’s free to reserve and use.

tips for shopping michaels

Teachers, Military & Seniors Get Discounts Everyday!

If you identify as one of the above, you’re in luck! You’ll get a 10-15% discount off of your everyday purchase. Plus, you can still use your 40% off coupon. How sweet is that?!

Always Shop In-Store

The website isn’t exactly user-friendly, and it definitely doesn’t have the breadth of product that most stores have. I find this particularly useful when I’m not 100% sure on the colours or textures I want to use. It makes so much more sense to head to the store and use all my senses to get an idea of what I want! Plus, wandering around the aisles of Michaels is half the fun, right?

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