Tips n’ Tricks for Shopping at Sephora

Beauty mavens may already know, but I’ve recently learned that there are a few tricks and shopping secrets that are super beneficial to shopping at Sephora…

For beauty newbs (such as myself) shopping at Sephora can be extremely daunting. Their huge bright stores are filled with rows on rows of different brands of mascaras, foundations, eyeliners, skincare, and more which sounds like heaven, but it’s easy to get intimidated. Beauty mavens may already know, but I’ve recently learned that there are a few tricks and shopping secrets that are super beneficial to shopping at Sephora.

1. Sign up for their Beauty Insider Program – It’s worth it.

Reward programs can be super annoying, but Sephora’s is not – I swear! By signing up, you’ll get 1 reward point for every dollar you spend, which you can redeem on products in stores. On top of that, you’ll get a free gift on your birthday, seasonal promotions, personalized recommendations, and free product beauty classes. If you sign up in stores, sometimes they have extra gifts and you’ll get a special treat for the last birthday you celebrated! Sign up for their Beauty Insider Program here.

2. If you’re looking to save-up on beauty products, check the bottom row.

Brands pay more to be merchandised in more visible and central locations, so you’ll typically find cheaper items along the bottom of stands or the outer perimeters of the store. Newer, more expensive products are always kept at eye level, so keep your eyes peeled for those deals!

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3. Sephora will refund you the difference of an item if the item you’ve purchased has gone on sale.

If an item you’ve purchased from Sephora goes on sale within two weeks of original purchase, call up customer service and they’ll reimburse you the difference! All you need is ID and the original receipt number or order number.

4. Don’t forget your free samples!

If you’re shopping online with Sephora, with every purchase you’re able to choose three samples from a variety of products provided. If you’re shopping in-store, you’re able to take 3 samples from each “world” aka the fragrance, skincare, and colour sections. Typically you can only get samples of products that are liquid or can be easily put into a container, so eyeliners and powder foundations are usually out of question.

5. You can return products you bought and didn’t like.

We’ve all fallen into the trap of buying something that looks good in-store, but horrible at home. The beauty with Sephora is that if you, for example, bought a bronzer that was a bit too sparkly, you take it back to the store and they’ll let you exchange it or give you a store credit.

6. Don’t fall victim to the cute little goodies in the bins in front of the cash register.

They’re cute and fun-sized, but typically not the best deals! If you’re looking for samples, it’s way cheaper to implement #4.

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7. Fifteen-minute make-up applications are always complimentary.

If you need to throw on a quick smokey eye, refresh your blush, or help to find the perfect shade of foundation, it’s free!! Get a full list of complimentary services here.

8. Despite the lack of sales that Sephora has, they do have sale items.

And you’ll find them hidden at the edges of stores or in the bins on the end of displays.

9. Follow Sephora on Facebook for special promotions and deals.

Every Friday, Sephora posts a special deal that is available online or in-stores. Just don’t forget to sign up for their Beauty Insider program, because the special deals are only available to those who have signed up! Like their Facebook page here.

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Do you have more tips for shopping at Sephora? Let us know in the comments below!!