Winter Dries Out My Scalp But A $12 Drugstore Find Majorly Helps

Bulky jackets, shorter days, and colder winds — these are all signs that winter is coming. On top of the obvious, our body offers signals, too. Some of the cons that come along with the coldest months of the year are itchy skin, chapped lips, and perhaps the most dreaded of all — a dry scalp.

It’s safe to say that a combination of poor air flow from winter hats and super low moisture levels make winter a nightmare for our tresses and their home; bringing on dryness, itching, and the dreaded “D” word…dandruff.

For some, like myself, an itchy scalp is inevitable once the frigid air hits, but I recently found a product that has become my go-to dry scalp solution — and it’s just $12.


Marc Anthony’s Nourishing Hemp Oil Instant Cooling Scalp Treatment has become a staple in my shower and my dry scalp solution.

I discovered the product, along with its sister shampoo and conditioner, when the collection launched in August and I haven’t looked back since.

With hemp seed oil at its base, the Marc Anthony Nourishing Hemp Oil Instant Cooling Scalp Treatment is free from Sulfates, SLS Parabens, and Phthalates — all things that can affect your scalp. Paired with tea tree oil, the formula is rich in omega fatty acids which helps promote longer, thicker hair and is silicone free, which means there’s no heavy build up.


The scalp treatment is super easy to use and only adds a few extra minutes to my shower routine.

It can be used two ways: as a pre-wash treatment while your hair is wet, or on problem areas when your hair is dry. Its compactness makes it easy to back in your purse and takes up little space on your shelf, and its rollerballs make it easy to target problem areas.

Once it’s applied, the Marc Anthony Nourishing Hemp Oil Instant Cooling Scalp Treatment does exactly what it says — it cools down itchy areas and offers a tingly, fresh feeling.

Since using it, I’ve definitely noticed a difference. It’s lifted a weight off my flake-free-shoulders, offering much needed hydration and time in between washes. If you experience the same, itchy feeling, I’d suggest you give this product a go.

Marc Anthony Nourishing Hemp Oil Instant Cooling Scalp Treatment

Marc Anthony Nourishing Hemp Oil Instant Cooling Scalp Treatment

Made to help with nagging discomfort, this compact rollerball product will help alleviate dryness and itchiness with a refreshing tingle.

$11.49 at Shoppers Drug Mart

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