6 Stores To Buy Low Maintenance Plants At In Toronto

6 Stores To Buy Low Maintenance Plants At In Toronto

A couple of years ago, I attended an event that my friend was hosting and she let me take home the centrepieces. One was an Ivy, and another was a Wandering Wanda, and that started my passion for having plants in my home. Not too long after that, I began to add more and more plants to my collection and while I love plants, I need them to be fairly low maintenance. Between work, life, a dog, a fiance, friends, and more, my plants don’t get the same love that they did when I first started my collection. I’ve spent a lot of time going to different plant stores around Toronto to scope out the best deals, the best selection, and the best in low maintenance plants.

Here are 6 stores in Toronto that sell great low maintenance plants!

Home Depot Stockyards

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One year for my birthday, my partner took me to Home Depot to buy me a gift and at first I was very confused as I had no idea what he was planning as we walked into the store. “Pick any plant,” he said. He may as well have gotten down on one knee and proposed right there. Home Depot Stockyards has one of the best selections of plants in Toronto. At any time of the year, you can find a variety of tropical plants for indoors, or an ever expanding garden centre for your outdoor needs. One of my favourite plants to get at Home Depot is a Monstera. This plant is relatively low maintenance, as they’ll survive many environments, but they truly thrive with lots of sun and water.

Sheridan Nurseries

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I paid a visit to Sheridan Nurseries a while back to find the perfect large plant for my home. As it turned out, the plant I chose was toxic to animals and I had to return it for something non-toxic as I was getting a new pet. Sheridan’s return policy is amazing, and their staff is super kind. There are a few locations throughout the GTA, including Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough. I got myself a Dracaena which I love because it can tolerate a lot as I’ve moved a lot over the last three years, and this baby has adjusted well to every climate. Now that’s a plant I can handle!

Shaw Flowers & Gifts

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Anytime I’m in the area I make a point of stopping by Shaw Flowers And Gifts along Dundas West by Trinity Bellwoods. Being close to a popular tourist destination, this shop could charge an arm and a leg for its wide selection of plants, but overall it’s actually quite reasonable. Here you can find a selection of unique and rare plants, but also beautiful handmade pots and fun accessories. You never know what will spark your interest here! This is a great place to grab yourself a unique succulent, but don’t be fooled! While succulents can be great low maintenance plants, make sure don’t over water your new plant baby.


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I say this almost jokingly, but it’s true, you can score big on all sorts of plants if you just take a walk down Dundas West. Further along past Shaw Flowers & Gifts just past Dufferin, you’ll find a variety of corner stores, coffee shops, and plant stores selling beautiful options for your home. In particular, Mika has a great selection and I love this String of Hearts. A type of succulent with a good draining soil and bright light, you won’t have to worry too much about this pretty little thing. Plus, you can propagate new strings with ease! 

Craft Markets

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If you’re looking for something low maintenance, but also super cute, then stop by your local craft market. Makers have been exploring ways to incorporate low maintenance plants into their work for a while now, and you never know what beautiful pairing you might score. You’ll find everything from traditional pottery to concrete planters here! A popular low maintenance plant found at craft markets is the Air Plant. While it only needs to be sprayed with water every couple of days, or soaked for 20 minutes in a glass of water, be careful not to forget about this guy!


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If worst comes to worst and you just cannot keep a real life plant baby alive, Michaels is always a great option for faux plants. The store’s selection of fake flowers and plants look so real, no one will ever know the difference. 

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