I Updated My Bedroom With $50 At Dollarama & Here’s How It Looks

I Updated My Bedroom With $50 At Dollarama & Here's How It Looks

I love a good dollar store haul, so I’m super excited to share with you how I updated my bedroom with $50 at Dollarama.

In the last couple of years, Dollarama has raised their prices, which has been a tad frustrating. But, with the increase in price, we’ve seen an increase in quality, more trend-forward options, and a wider variety of products.

So while it seems to be impossible to get anything for $1, a lot of the things Dollarama sells are in the $3-4 range and they’re actually pretty great.

Most of the items I got fell into that range, but with $50 I was still able to get a lot of storage, decor, and functional items. 


updated bedroom dollarama

I have an IKEA bookshelf that I use as a TV stand for clothes, knick-knacks, and other things I don’t know what to do with. On the right side, we have some storage bins for our clothes, but the left side was in desperate need of some love.

Everything was living in storage tote bags and being shoved into the cub so I needed something cute, but functional in this space.

I got two of these striped storage bins for $4 each. I like the colours, the stripes, and how they were relatively neutral in my space. Dollarama has a wide variety of storage bins, baskets, and cubes, all at different price points!


updated bedroom dollarama

I have been obsessed with these lamps since I first saw them on the shelves at Dollarama. I knew they’d make an adorable addition to my TV stand, so I got two of them at $4 each to place on either side of my TV.

I love that they’re battery operated, so I can move them around my house as needed with ease. Although they don’t give off a ton of light, they do add some nice ambiance to any space.


updated bedroom dollarama

Where I had the most fun was with decor, and I was really blown away by the decor options for homes at Dollarama.

Dollarama even sells those funky vintage letter boards for just $4. I already own two, so I didn’t get one but it’ such a steal.

I am obsessed with wooden crates, and have always wanted to own one, so when I saw that Dollarama sold small sized ones for $4, I knew I needed to have it. Even though I wasn’t exactly sure how I’d fit it into my space, I still got it. What’s great about the crate is that it’s unfinished, but looks great as is or painted. Who knows, I might get crafty with it later!

One of my biggest scores, was a book of prints that only cost $4.


There’s about 30 prints of various sizes in the book, and they’re all really cute. I got the “love” collection, but Dollarama had a few other options as well. I used two large 11×14 inch prints, cut them out of the book, and framed them with two white picture frames that were $4 each.

The frames themselves also surprised me. I’ve bought frames from Dollarama before that were made out of plastic and not the best quality. However, these frames are made out of metal, and really looked premium compared to others.

Since there were so many prints in the book, I cut out a few smaller ones and placed them around my room in different areas. I still have a bunch left, and I think they’ll make excellent gifts for other people as well. I can’t wait to share them!



If you know me, you know I have a healthy obsession with plants! While Dollarama may not sell any real plants, the store has a great gardening section with beautiful pots, soil, and everything you need to get started.

However, if gardening isn’t your strong suit and your plants don’t live long lives, you can get a ton of artificial plants and flowers at the dollar store. That’s why I used some ivy to hang off the tapestry behind my bed.

Other Items

I have a huge collection of earrings that hang in my bedroom, but I didn’t have a small mirror handy to try them on. I picked one up for only $2!

I also wanted a way to hold back my curtains. I found a nice rope in the craft section that matched the handles on the storage bins. Now I have a cute way to tie them back!

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